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2 min read

Best Jobs You Don’t Need A Degree For

For years young people in the UK have been told they must get a degree to have a successful career. But there are several jobs you can get without a degree, that will allow you to have long and prospe...

3 min read

What Is IR35 And How Does It Impact Businesses And Contractors?

IR35 is a piece of anti-tax avoidance legislation set up by the UK government to curb tax-avoidance by workers supplying their services to clients via an intermediary like a limited company.

2 min read

What Rapid Technological Change Means For Recruitment

Over the last decade, technology has changed the way almost all of us work. Social media, smartphones, and AI have all allowed us to become more efficient and connected. But since technology is changi...

3 min read

The Most In-Demand Skills You Need To Have When Looking for A Job

Different roles require different skills, but no matter what sector you’re working in, there are some skills that will help you get any job.

5 min read

The Job Interview Guide

Looking for a new job? VHR’s Job Interview Guide reveals the top tips to help you find your next job and your ideal career.

3 min read

Guide to Working in Dubai

Want to work in a country that’s known for luxury and plenty of job opportunities? Here’s our Guide to Working in Dubai.

4 min read

Guide to Working in Ireland

Want to work in one of the largest and most famous islands in the world?

3 min read

Guide to Working in Germany

Want to work in Europe, and live in a country full of beautiful countryside, diverse cultures and plenty of job opportunities? Here’s our Guide to Working in Germany.

2 min read

Why You Should Work In Slovakia

Slovakia is a central European country bordered by Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east, Hungary in the south, Austria in the south west, and the Czechia in the north west. The population is aroun...

3 min read

Guide to Working in Spain

Want to work in a country that’s full of history, diverse geography and cultures? Here’s our Guide to Working in Spain.

2 min read

Why Recruitment Is Vital For The Aerospace Industry

The demand for good engineering candidates in the aerospace sector is growing every year. With the increasing number of orders and the current production rate it could take years for aerospace compani...

Why Is Teamwork So Important To VHR?

Teamwork is a vital part of any successful business. Bringing together people with different skills, backgrounds, and areas of expertise allows for a business to grow into new areas, and provide a hig...