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2 min read

How Recruiters Should Treat Candidates

If you’re considering using a recruitment agency to find contract or permanent work, there are hundreds out there to choose from. However some agencies have radically different practices, and will off...

2 min read

5 Reasons To Work In The USA

America is perhaps the most famous country in the world, with more and more people visiting every year.

2 min read

Questions You Should Never Be Asked In A Job Interview

If you want a new job, you can spend hours looking through postings until you find one you like. Then you have to do research into the company, polish your CV, and apply. When you finally get an inter...

2 min read

Why You Should Work In Latvia

Latvia is a small country in the Baltic states in Europe, bordered by Lithuania and Estonia. It is famous for its beautiful forests and architecture, as well as its traditional food and rich history. ...

2 min read

Why You Should Work In Paris

Paris is one of the most famous and instantly recognisable cities in the world. Thirteen million people visit every year, and many of them dream of living there. One of the most cosmopolitan and flour...

1 min read

5 Reasons to Work in Venice

Looking for a new job or change in lifestyle? Here are VHR’s best reasons to work in Italy, specifically the famous city of Venice.

3 min read

10 Best Sectors to Work in 2019

Looking for a new job? Here are VHR’s 10 best sectors to work in 2019.

2 min read

Why Recruitment Can Increase Staff Retention

Finding new staff can be a hard challenge for any company, no matter if it is a small start-up or a well-established brand.

4 min read

How To Get A Job - User Guide

VHR is a technical recruitment company that exists for only one reason: to help you get a job. Despite massive changes in how jobs can be found and applied for, the kinds of jobs that exist, and trend...

Best Jobs Of 2019

If you’re considering changing jobs, one of the most daunting parts of the process can be deciding on what to do next. Whether it’s entering a new field, learning a new skill, or getting your first jo...

3 min read

7 Reasons People Don’t Change Their Jobs (And Why They Should)

People stay in jobs they don’t love for too long because of fear. Staying somewhere because you’re comfortable can be easy, but ultimately letting fear hold you back will hurt you and your career pros...

2 min read

Why You Should Work In Malta

Malta is growing in popularity as a place to live and work thanks to its climate, economy, and employment rate. A high-income country, Malta offers good job prospects for both high and low skilled wor...