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Why Recruitment Is Vital For The Aerospace Industry

  • by: Amandine Foucher
  • On: 3, May 2019
2 min read

The demand for good engineering candidates in the aerospace sector is growing every year. With the increasing number of orders and the current production rate it could take years for aerospace companies to fulfil the demand. The current backlog of commercial planes on order around the world is at around 14,000. Manufacturers are looking to increase production to keep up with demand, but can’t find enough staff to fulfil their orders. Therefore, recruitment is one of the biggest challenges in the aerospace industry right now.

However, even with this demand, engineers looking for aerospace or aviation jobs may struggle to find employment on their own. Aerospace companies often have high standards, and so will hire recruitment agencies to handle their new hires. Utilising a specialist recruitment company can make your job search much easier, and open doors that might otherwise stay closed.

Recruitment Companies Are A Key Partner In The Aerospace Industry

Aerospace companies often believe that their HR infrastructure cannot cope with increasing demand for new workers. Companies who decide to hire more engineers themselves often face a lack of time, and are working under pressure without being adequately equipped. Most aerospace companies looking for a large amount of skilled technical workers turn to recruitment companies for help.

As the recruitment process needs to be a positive experience for both companies and candidates, the help of recruitment agencies is vital to make this process as easy and fast as possible. Recruiting the right people could take months if aerospace companies took care of it themselves, whereas recruitment companies already have extensive databases of potential candidates for any engineering job.

Why You Should Use A Recruitment Agency To Find Your Next Engineering Job:

As the need is growing in the industry, the pipeline of potential candidates needs to be as strong as possible. Recruitment agencies have experience sourcing only the best candidates, and can find new graduates with the most up-to-date knowledge and training, as well as more experienced professionals who may have worked in managerial roles.

Because of this, recruitment agencies can be the best option for both aerospace companies and aerospace engineers.

This cost-effective and efficient method is used for roles all around the world, and can provide a large amount of engineers in a short amount of time compared to in-house recruiting. Recruitment companies know how to attract and engage with the very best candidates, and specialists understand the needs of the job better than most HR managers.

For candidates, the main benefit is working with a partner who knows how what they’re looking for, who will match them to roles they enjoy. Beyond that initial job, a good recruitment company will stay in touch and work with an engineer over the course of their career, sharing roles with them that will allow them to grow and develop, and move up the career ladder.

Read more about how recruitment can help you find engineering jobs, or learn the best aerospace companies to work for in 2019.

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