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Why You Should Work In Paris

  • by: Rebecca Fagan
  • On: 1, Mar 2019
2 min read

Paris is one of the most famous and instantly recognisable cities in the world. Thirteen million people visit every year, and many of them dream of living there. One of the most cosmopolitan and flourishing cities in Europe, Paris is a great place to start a career, build a network, and have a professional experience unlike any other.

5 Reasons To Work In Paris:

  • The Money

First of all, France is one of the most established economic superpowers in the EU, and Paris is at the centre of that wealth. Almost a third (31%) of Metropolitan France’s GDP is generated in the city, and is where the majority of high-level business gets done. In fact, the Paris region of France contributes more to Europe’s GDP than the entire country of the Switzerland.

Paris is also the headquarters for more Fortune 500 Companies than anywhere else in Europe. Any careers in engineering, data analysis, or design would be at home in Paris, where the cost of living is roughly 20% less than London. Some of France’s most lucrative areas of industry are the machinery, automotive, aviation, and electronics sectors.

  • The Culture

Paris is one of the capitals of culture, with fantastic art, theatre, architecture, music, and history to see and enjoy.

Beyond that, the culture of France is far more worker-focused, with the government limited work to just 35 hours per week. This gives the working population more time to enjoy themselves, and there’s nowhere better to spend your time and have fun than Paris.

  • The Food

France famously has some of the best food in the world, and the people who live in Paris get to enjoy the very best of that cuisine. Cooking is a point of pride for the French, and is something you should try to experience as much of as possible. All types of food can be found in its perfected form on the streets of Paris, so no matter your favourite dish is, you can find it somewhere.

  • Social Care

France has some of the best care in Europe because all citizens must have health insurance. This insurance system means that the majority of healthcare costs are covered by the state. This makes the healthcare system very accessible, even for foreigners. Around 30% of the taxes go towards welfare, so there is a strong safety net that can help remove a lot of the pressure in daily life.

  • Transport Links to The Rest Of Europe

Paris is connected to the world by over two hundred daily direct flights to destinations outside Europe, around seven hundred daily flights to European cities, as well as high-speed trains to London, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Munich. From France you can travel to Spain, England, Germany, and other major EU countries.

If your work requires you to travel, there are few places in the world that are better connected than Paris.

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