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Guide to Working in Finland

Posted by Amandine Foucher on Apr 11, 2019 3:01:20 PM

Want to work in the world’s happiest country? Here’s our Guide to Working in Finland.


Accommodation – How Much Does It Cost to Live in Finland?

Living costs for Finland will vary across areas of the country. However, here are the average rents and bills to help you plan your budget:

· Studio Accommodation – Monthly rent for a 45m² furnished studio in normal area would be around €820.

· One-to-two-Bedroom Accommodation – Monthly rent for an 85 m² furnished accommodation in normal area would be €1,346.

· Monthly Utility Bill for Couples – Utilities for one month (heating, electricity, gas etc.) for two people in an 85m² flat would cost around €86.

· Monthly Utility Bill for a Single Person – Utilities for one month (heating, electricity, gas etc.) for one person in a 45 m² studio would cost around €68.


Transport – How Can You Get Around in Finland?

Buses and trains are easily accessible. The roads are well maintained and run throughout the country. Finland is well-connected by planes and there are 25 airports ready to take you all over the world.

Living in Finland offers the opportunity to visit other incredible locations in neighbouring countries, which include:

· Sweden – Visit thousands of islands and inland lakes, and trek across beautiful forests and mountains

· Norway – Experience the rich Norwegian Viking history first-hand

· Denmark – Enjoy the iconic capital of Copenhagen and the famous tourist sites and amusement parks

· Russia – Travel through the world’s largest nation and explore the cultures, heritage and lifestyles of both Europe and Asia.


Want to Know More?

Download our free Guide to Working in Finland and discover:

· Culture – Learn about Finland’s rich heritage and local customs to help you fit in

· Tax and Pensions – Everything you need to know financially

· Language – How to say ‘hello’, ‘thank you’ and many useful phrases in Finnish


Download our Guide to Working in Finland.

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