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Why Recruitment Can Increase Staff Retention

  • by: Jennifer Robinson
  • On: 19, Feb 2019
2 min read

Finding new staff can be a hard challenge for any company, no matter if it is a small start-up or a well-established brand.

You want to find people that are highly qualified, fit in with the team, and are able to represent the company. The problem with recruiting the very best people is that your HR department will have to invest a lot of time and money to find the perfect match in terms of skills, experience, and personality.

Outsourcing recruitment can free up time and produce better results, but perhaps most importantly it can increase staff retention.

The Recruitment Industry Is Booming In The UK:

The recruiting industry is incredibly growing over the last few years especially in the UK. Almost 40,000 agencies have been established since 1980. In 2018 over 8,000 new companies were founded, which is an increase of 46% compared to the year before. The 115,000 people that are working in the recruitment sector in the UK currently are part of an industry boom. Besides recruitment, the fields of Biotech, Space, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, the Creative Industry and the Fintech Sector are promising for the next few years in the UK, but recruitment will intersect and work with all of these sectors.

Three Reasons To Use A Recruitment Company:

  • Recruitment Agencies Are Efficient

First, it saves you time and money. Recruitment agencies are used to filling large amounts of vacancies at short notice, and can work to strict specifications. Whether you’re looking for an entire team, or one specific executive, recruitment companies have a large pool of potential to pull candidates from, as well as the wider world of candidates that operate in the same industry.

  • Recruitment Agencies Can Find You Better Candidates

Recruitment agencies work with some candidates over long periods of time, building up relationships with them and understanding their skillsets. Specialist recruiters can analyse what the role requires, and will already have a shortlist of potential candidates that they have spoken to before.

  • People Are More Likely To Accept A Job Offer When They Enjoyed The Candidate Experience

On average, a candidate stays at a role for just over four years. That adds up to around 10-15 job changes per career. However, statistics have shown that employees who enjoyed the candidate experience are more likely to accept a job offer by 38%, and this will lead to higher engagement at the beginning of their employment. Given that just over a third of businesses have merged their recruitment and their on-boarding process, this leaves lots of candidates that aren’t being given the best welcome to their new place of work.

This can mean the process is disjointed, slow, or even unsettling for new recruits. This process should be made as simple, reassuring, and streamlined as possible.

A good hiring process will mean more staff, with better skills, that stay for longer.

Learn about how recruitment secures a more qualified workforce, or read about the future of international technical recruitment.

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