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5 Reasons to Work in Venice

Posted by Adam Coath on Feb 22, 2019 12:15:34 PM
Adam Coath
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Looking for a new job or change in lifestyle? Here are VHR’s best reasons to work in Italy, specifically the famous city of Venice.

5 Reasons to Work in Venice



5. Art & Sight Seeing

A beautiful city surrounded by water, Venice boasts 177 canals, 400 bridges and 139 churches. Must-see places to visit in Venice include Byzantine church St Mark’s Basilica,the Guggenheim museum andtheAccademia’s rich collection of Renaissance masterpieces. Venice offers a wealth of historic art and architecture that make for unforgettable experiences.


5 Reasons to Work in Venice  4. Lifestyle

As well as the beautiful surroundings, Italy offers a unique lifestyle. The Mediterranean climate promises sun and warmth for most of the year, with average summer temperatures of 28°. Venice has a variety of beaches for locals and visitors to enjoy the sunshine. Strong family values and a relaxed outlook run throughout the country, making Venice a great place to work.

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3. Culture

Italy is made up of 20 regions, each offering their own individual habits, traditions and languages. Cultural traditions like horse races, orange battles, street art festivals, religious processions and of course the iconic masked carnival mean there’s always plenty to do and see in Venice.

Italian food is a staple of the Venetian experience. Pizza, pasta, rare meats and fresh cheeses – Italy’s gastronomic pleasures are found everywhere you look.


2. Travel

Located in Southern Europe, Italy is a great place to work and travel from. The country is an hour’s plane journey away from historic France, snowy Switzerland and sunny Malta.

Venice itself is ideally positioned to travel to neighbouring Austria, Croatia and Slovenia. For adventures closer to home, Venice is near to the beautiful Italian cities of Verona and Florence, and Rome and Naples are a train ride away.

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1. Job Opportunities

The 2018 International Monetary Fund reports that Italy has the eighth largest economy in the world. Despite the effects of the 2008 recession and impact of Brexit on Europe, Italy is a fast-growing economy with plenty of opportunities.

Italy is experiencing an urgent skills shortage across technology, education, engineering, computing and mathematics, which is great news for skilled engineers wanting to move to Italy.


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