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6 min read

Managing Risk In The Superyacht Industry

In the last decade, the superyacht industry has boomed. Of course, with the growth of any luxury market also comes an increase in security issues within that market. 

3 min read

Why SailGP is on the Rise

SailGP is growing more popular than ever before, thanks to the spectacle of the races, the skill of the competitors, and the community that is growing around the sport.

3 min read

The Future Of Biofuels In The Marine Industry

The marine industry is one of the worst polluters in the world, making up around 3% of all carbon emissions yearly, equivalent to the total level of emissions from entire countries like Germany or Jap...

3 min read

How The Gas Shortage is Predicted to Impact the Marine Industry

The energy crisis is having an impact on almost every industry around the world. You can’t have an industry without energy, so the strain will be felt on costs, operations, and ability to meet demand....

3 min read

Marine Racing for the Future

Marine racing is a sport that has always looked to the future. New technology, new designs, new ways of producing boats, the sport has never stood still, and that’s still true today. Let’s look at how...

How To Address The Skills Shortage In The Technical And Engineering Industries 

The skills shortage is one of the biggest issues facing the technical sector today. Across different industries, whether aviation, automotive, marine, or energy, businesses are struggling to attract a...

3 min read

How Autonomous Ships Can Reduce Traffic (And Why That Matters)

The autonomous ship market is expected to be worth $13.8 billion by 2030. Global trade and transportation by shipping is growing, and responsible for an increasing demand for autonomous technology.

3 min read

History Of Engineering: The Boat

The boat is one of the most significant inventions ever created by the human race. The history of the boat stretches back hundreds of thousands of years, and allowed us to explore, expand, and trade.

2 min read

What The UK Shipping Industry Can Do To Tackle Its Pollution Problem

Roughly 3,000 deaths a year in the UK are attributed to emissions from the UK shipping industry. The pollution from shipping is linked to triggering cancer, heart disease, and asthma, and other respir...

2 min read

Historical Figures In Engineering: Martha Coston

Martha Coston was an American inventor in the 19th Century, and played a pivotal role in making maritime exploration and sailing significantly safer thanks to her improvement of one of the most import...

3 min read

How Satellites Can Defend Against Pirates

Piracy has been a fact of Marine life since the first boats sailed across the seas. As boats have changed, pirates have become more sophisticated, more intelligent and harder to catch. Since internati...

2 min read

Masts and Rigging In Modern Boat Design

As it was discussed in a previous post, an essential part of enhancing boat performance is optimising their weight. Mast and rigging design play an important role on managing the boat’s weight as well...