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Marine Technology: Biometric Data Empowering Sailors

Biometrics is the measurement and statistical analysis of the unique physical and behavioural characteristics of individuals. The growth of biometrics has led to fantastic changes in sport by allowing...

How To Address The Shortage of B747 Engineers

Demand for B747 Engineers is at an all-time high, with Aviation industry leaders facing a significant skills shortage in the coming years.

How to Recruit CNC Engineers

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) engineers are responsible for the programming of letters, numbers and symbols that automate machine operating processes. It’s an integral engineering career as CNC eng...

3 min read

Reasons to Work in Taiwan

Looking for an exciting new job or want to change your career? Opportunities to improve your skills, amazing landscapes and unique culture – here’s are VHR’s reasons to work in Taiwan.  

Women in Marine: The Magenta Project

The Magenta Project, led by female Volvo Ocean Race sailing champions is driving opportunities for women in the marine industry – here’s how they’re succeeding.

Reasons to Work in Engineering

Looking for a new career with a good salary and exciting opportunities? Here are our top 5 reasons to work in Engineering.  

Best Things That Have Been Discovered in Space

What are the best things astronauts and satellites have discovered about space, and how have these discoveries helped science research back on Earth?   Runaway Stars: One of the best things Satellites...

2 min read

Top Cities to Work in 2018

Looking for a new job? Interested in working abroad? VHR reveal the best places to work in 2018.

4 Ways to Increase Autonomous Testing Efficiencies

Demand in the Automotive AI market has soared by 39% and is predicted to create an industry worth $10.8 billion by 2025, but long testing processes and lack of available testing facilities are hinderi...

6 Developments of AI in Recruitment

What are the advancements in recruitment technologies and how can recruiters adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments to help employ the best candidates? 1. Programmatic, targeted job advertisi...

International Women in Engineering Day 2018

As International Women in Engineering Day 2018 highlights the consistently low numbers of women in engineering, how can we attract and retain the skilled female engineers that are desperately needed t...

6 Automotive Artificial Intelligence Trends to Watch

The safety of driverless cars, cutting edge designs, and disruption to the way we travel – unprecedented advances in technology are taking the Automotive industry to new, exciting and sometimes contro...