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Aviation Skills Shortage: Are Salaries the Solution?

  • by: Azem Hoti
  • On: 21, Sep 2017
1 min read

Whilst technology continues to advance and demand for skilled aircraft maintenance technicians heightens, salaries of maintenance staff have decreased over the last 5 years. With airlines and MROs facing the challenges of rapid aircraft innovation, could talent attraction lie in salary reviews?

Aerospace & Aviation Salaries: A Global Challenge

Over the past few months global businesses have begun to review the salaries of Aerospace & Aviation workers, with U.S. regional airlines beginning to increase starting salaries of pilots and the Nigerian Government forced to intervene as unions threaten the Lagos Aviation industry over salaries arrears. However, salary increases are slower to translate to aircraft maintenance technicians and aviation engineers.

To match the demand for rapidly evolving aircraft and engineering technology, aircraft manufacturers and MROs will require new and improved skillsets from aviation engineers and aircraft maintenance technicians, with these additional requirements potentially resulting in demand for increased salaries. By proactively monitoring staff salaries at all levels and committing to ethical recruitment practices, airlines and MROs can gain competitive advantage as an employer of choice for aircraft maintenance workers.

Above all, candidates place the highest importance on the values of a prospective employer. Transparent company culture, a trustworthy brand and positive working environments are the most important factors in attracting new talent into any industry.

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