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How to Find the Right Recruiter for You

  • by: Rebecca Fagan
  • On: 27, Oct 2017
5 min read

Whether you’re an Aircraft Technician or a CNC Miller, or you work in any other Engineering job, there is a specialist recruitment consultant who can help you find your ideal job – but how can you find the right recruiter for you?

As a global Technical recruitment company, VHR has over 14 yeas’ experience working with a variety of large global businesses and skilled candidates every day. We go the extra mile for each client and candidate to make sure that we match the right Engineers and Technicians to the right jobs, every time. Many Engineers and Technicians will be used to job applications and job interviews – but do you always ask the right questions? How often – do you actually assess your recruitment agency?

Find the Right Recruiter

  • Do your research on and off-line to find a recruitment agency with credibility, proven success and niche experience in your skillset and industry.
  • Take time to look through your recruitment agency’s website and social media presence and read case studies to understand their recruitment processes and level of success.
  • Get in touch with friends or former colleagues who have experience with these agencies, to get first-hand and honest feedback about what it’s like to work with them.
  • Migrant workers are especially at risk of mistreatment by unethical recruitment companies. Some recruitment agencies around the world ask candidates to give up thousands of pounds or dollars for the vague promise of a job that leads to nothing. Find out how to identify an ethical recruitment company.
  • When you have your shortlist of recruitment agencies that are right for you, aim to engage with no more than four recruitment agencies. Investing the time to build relationships is very important in finding new Engineering jobs and building your career – a strong relationship allows you to find the right recruiter who understands your skills and experience, what motivates you and what you want out of your new job and career.

Engage with the Right Recruiter

The Engineering and Technical jobs market is full of general recruiters who have a good level of knowledge of the recruitment process, but who may not have the specific knowledge needed to guide you to your next job or ideal career path. Your recruiter needs to have proven experience of recruiting candidates into roles in your industry and your field (for example, recruiting in the Aerospace & Aviation industry for Aircraft Technician jobs).

The right recruiter for you will set your expectations and deliver on promises, prepare you for interviews and guide you through every step of your recruitment process. To help you in your job search, the right recruiter will have a global network of industry professionals and practise regular communication with their client and candidate networks.

An experienced and specialist recruitment consultant will have the up-to-date market knowledge to give you honest, accurate and realistic advice about the current opportunities in your industry and job options that are open to you. Always ensure that you spend your valuable time wisely, by researching, comparing and speaking to specialist recruitment companies that are experts in your field. 


What Makes a Great Recruiter?

  • Integrity

    A great recruiter will take time to understand both their clients and their candidates and will know if the ‘fit’ is right. It is important that your recruiter can sell your skills and experience to their clients, and be honest about areas for your development. A great recruiter will work in partnership with both their clients and their candidates.
  • Motivation

    To succeed in any area of life, you need a passion for it. If recruiters are not motivated to help you in your job search and to help clients find the right candidate for their organisation, they will not give you their best efforts and therefore will not produce the best results for the client, the candidate or themselves. Recruitment consultants who are passionate about the sector they work in will care more about the services they provide, and will strive for the best possible results for their clients and candidates.
  • Knowledge

    An experienced niche recruiter will know and understand ‘what good looks like’, having interviewed hundreds of candidates within their niche function or sector. They will know the latest changes in their market, where the market is candidate-short and where skills gaps exist. They can accurately benchmark rates and benefits and will know the best approach to market.
  • Communication Skills

    Above all, communication is essential to a successful recruitment process. Patience, persistence and listening skills are vital to building and maintaining the relationships and networks that are integral to individual industries. A recruiter should value you and your time and make every effort to share their knowledge, address your questions or concerns, prepare you for interviews, provide you with prompt feedback and ensure that the process is as smooth and enjoyable as possible for every candidate.

Find the Right Recruiter for You

Recruiters need to know specifically what you want and why you want it, not only to match you to suitable jobs, but also to manage your expectations: we want to be sure that you are fully informed about the market and your prospects.

Don’t be afraid to take a proactive approach in your next Engineering or Technical job search: you need to assess us as recruiters just as much as we assess you to match you to your ideal role. The most successful recruitment process relies on a skilled, experienced recruiter to match up the highest quality candidates with the job that best suits them, and you need to believe that your recruiter can deliver this for you.

Do your research, ask questions and investigate everything you need to be sure that find the right recruiter for you.

Get help on how to have a successful interview here.

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