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6 Reasons to Work in NASCAR

  • by: Conor McKeon
  • On: 16, Feb 2018
4 min read

Looking for a Motorsport Job or a Career in Formula 1? Here are the Top 6 Reasons to Work in NASCAR.


The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is the sanctioning body for the number one form of Motorsport in the United States. With international reach, NASCAR consists of three national series, three international series, four regional series and one local grassroots series, and is one of the biggest global Motorsport brands.


Top 6 Reasons to Work in NASCAR:

1. Amazing Motorsport Races

NASCAR has delivered some of the most thrilling, surprising and nail-biting races in Motorsport history. From the phenomenal transformations of long-time underdogs into champions in just one race, to driver leads changing an unprecedented 88 times in one race, to the smashing of multiple world records, every NASCAR race is colourful, loud and full of excitement.

2. Popularity

Second only to the global phenomenon of the National Football League (NFL), NASCAR is the most watched professional sports franchise in the United States. The popularity of the Motorsport series extends across the world, with races broadcast in over 150 countries. NASCAR’s fan base and event capacity rival the biggest sports stadiums in the world, with several racetracks seating up to 150,000 people per race.

3. Variety

NASCAR boasts a number of different race series, with events to suit all Motorsport fans and Automotive engineering skills, including:
  • Monster Energy Cup Series – NASCAR’s top racing series, the 36-race season showcases cars that are unique in Motorsport. Monster Energy Cup car engines are powerful enough to reach speeds of over 200 mph, but their weight and aerodynamics make them much more difficult to handle than other race cars.
  • Xfinity Series – As a minor league circuit, the Xfinity Series enables junior drivers to prove their skills and step up to the Monster Energy Cup in supporting race events.
  • Camping World Truck Series – The only series to race modified production pickup trucks.
  • Whelen Modified Tour (NWMT) – The oldest racing division is also NASCAR’s only open-wheeled division.
  • Whelen All-American Series – A points championship for NASCAR-sanctioned local short track racing around the United States and Canada that splits the race tracks randomly and operates complicated performance scoring.
  • Home Tracks – Regional stock car racing divisions and race tracks running weekly races for non-professionals.
  • Iracing.com – A subscription-based racing simulation where Motorsport series are raced through computer servers and include the same stringent rules operated by traditional motorsport series.

4. Career Opportunities

Motorsport is one of the best industries to work in 2018. The F1 & Automotive industry grew by 18% in the last quarter, with the amount of Automotive jobs skyrocketing in volume across the country. Automotive jobs are consistently high in demand – with Manufacturing jobs topping the list at 24% and Engineering jobs sought by 11.1% of the UK population – and with global car sales set to break records, the international Automotive industry is set to boom. Work in NASCAR to advance your automotive career.

5. Work in North America

Based in Daytona Beach, Florida with eight North American offices including New York and Los Angeles, NASCAR presents the opportunity to live and work in America. As the third largest country in the world (behind Russia and Canada) the United States of America has a wealth of land and space to accommodate new workers and their families. The US climate ranges from low temperatures and snowfall in Alaska to Mediterranean and tropical climates in Southern Florida and Hawaii. America is home to many of the world’s leading businesses across industries and accounts for 25% of World GDP, presenting America as one of the best countries to work in 2018.

6. International Experience

NASCAR sanctions more than 1,200 races in more than 30 US states, Canada, Mexico and Europe, and the company has international offices in America, Mexico and Canada. A worldwide phenomenon, NASCAR jobs offer world-class international experience for those wishing to advance their Automotive careers.

VHR is offering Motorsport Jobs with the opportunity to Work in NASCAR.

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