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4 min read

What The Tensions In Iran Mean For The Shipping Industry

The current heightened tensions in Iran are the results of decades of political and economic forces boiling over, and while the ultimate outcome of past and future events is still uncertain, this will...

2 min read

How Data Will Make The Marine Industry More Efficient

Data and analytics are changing how all business operates. It allows for processes to be checked, improved, and made more efficient, thanks to vast amounts of data generated by sensors and other techn...

2 min read

Superyacht Cup Palma 2019 Roundup

The Superyacht Cup Palma has come to an exciting close, with WinWin claiming overall victory in 2019.

8 min read

5 Reasons To Work In Galicia, Spain

The Spanish Marine Industry has grown massively over the last two years. Especially, places like Galicia have great growth potential due to a combination of characteristics.

2 min read

How Technology is Changing The Oil Industry

All businesses need to be as efficient as possible to maximise profits. The oil industry is no different, and has turned to technology to help them inspect rigs without the risk of human oversight or ...

3 min read

How Autonomous Ships Can Reduce Traffic (And Why That Matters)

The autonomous ship market is expected to be worth $13.8 billion by 2030. Global trade and transportation by shipping is growing, and responsible for an increasing demand for autonomous technology.

3 min read

History Of Engineering: The Boat

The boat is one of the most significant inventions ever created by the human race. The history of the boat stretches back hundreds of thousands of years, and allowed us to explore, expand, and trade.

4 min read

What The Clearwater Rating Means for the Superyacht Industry (Also In Spanish)

A new rating system designed to assess how environmentally friendly superyachts are is being brought into place to help clean up the marine industry. The Clearwater Rating System has the potential to ...

5 min read

What The Palma Boat Show Announcement Means For The Marine Industry

Once again, the Palma International Boat show has been a great success. VHR hopes that everyone who attended this year’s show enjoyed the wide variety of activities and contributors. This year there w...

4 min read

The Future Of Spanish Metalwork (Also In Spanish)

Llamando a todos los trabajadores de la industria metalúrgica española, ¿Dónde Estáis? La importancia de la industria del metal en Galicia Las industrias naval y metalúrgica en España han vivido una n...

4 min read

How The Spanish Marine Industry Will Change (Article Also In Spanish)

What is ANEN And How Does It Help The Spanish Marine Industry?  La 7ª edición del Congreso Náutico llevado a cabo por la Asociación Nacional de Empresas Náuticas (ANEN) los pasados 14 y 15 de marzo en...

2 min read

What The UK Shipping Industry Can Do To Tackle Its Pollution Problem

Roughly 3,000 deaths a year in the UK are attributed to emissions from the UK shipping industry. The pollution from shipping is linked to triggering cancer, heart disease, and asthma, and other respir...