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5 Amazing Superyacht Concepts

  • by: Conor McKeon
  • On: 6, Nov 2018
3 min read

Superyacht design is changing all the time, as new materials open up new possibilities. Changing tastes demand new models, and bold new designs are capturing our imaginations, redefining what’s possible.

Upcoming Superyacht Concepts:

1. Caronte

Inspired by 17th Century pirate ships, the Caronte dares to be different. With six sub-cabins, this superyacht is full of surprises. The ‘captain’s balcony’ sits atop the yacht, allowing expansive space over the deck and beyond the ocean horizon. The vessel can comfortably house 12 people, and comes with a gym, garage and helipad.

2. Exploris

UK-based superyacht designer Steve Gresham has worked on the Exploris, which utilizes the X-Bow design with some creative additions. The bow design means the wave energy is split on contact with the ship, allowing for a smoother journey. The Ulstein X-Bow design was first launched in 2005, so it’s no surprise that additions have been made. A new Azipod propulsion system means the yacht can range much further than traditional models of the same class, allowing for more exploration and adventure, with an onboard garage and landing pad. The yacht is a 100m explorer with a private deck area and an observation lounge. But it’s not just pretty: an ice-class bow means the Exploris is strong enough to handle anything the ocean can throw at it.

Gresham has said he wants his designs to be ‘innovative, but not for the sake of being different – it has to be functional, too.’

3. L’Amage

The L’Amage superyacht concept measures 190 meters long: even longer than the world’s current largest yacht, the 180-meter Azzam. HBD Studios’ L’Amage would be able to accommodate around 100 passengers, making it perfect for big events or exotic trips. Despite how large the ship is, the L’Amage would still be able to reach an impressive top speed of 32 knots, due to its combination of diesel engines and gas turbines.

The superyacht is the first to incorporate flat panel satellite technology, meaning no ugly external satellites that detract from the sleek lines of the vessel. The technology can be found in the aerodynamic wings at the prow, near the helipad.

Hamid Bekradi, design director at HBD said: ‘The general style of the superyacht interior is modern and minimalist, in harmony with the exterior styling of the yacht.’

4. Black Swan

The Black Swan is an intimidating yacht with a stylized black exterior hiding secret balconies. Guests descend into the body of the boat through a concealed elevator at the helipad.

Turkish designer Timur Bozca won the Young Designer of the Year Award in 2015 and has enjoyed widespread renown in the Marine world since. Bozca said of the Black Swan: ‘It was important for the exterior to use simple lines together with dramatic angles and curves, as I believe that simplicity is an important factor in making a superyacht design elegant and clean. Using the powerful image of an arrow as my inspiration, I tried to create an aerodynamic exterior that would give the yacht a distinctive look, while also improving efficiency.’

5. Tetrahedron

Jonathan Schwinge’s Tetrahedron concept is the most bizarre superyacht design on the list, with strong angles making up an unconventional body. A trimaran at its core, the vessel can reach speeds of 38 knots, where it rises onto foils, giving it the illusion of flight.

Taking its name from the geometric shape, the yacht takes the form of a floating pyramid. This is made possible by its HYSWAS (hydrofoil small waterplane area ship) hull, which can lift the yacht above the water.

These new concepts represent the pinnacle of Marine design and engineering, with innovations at every level helping to drive the superyacht industry into the future.

Learn about how Marine travel has changed over the last hundred years, or check out how the Marine industry is growing.

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