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5 min read

Formula E Season 6

As innovative and often-controversial Formula E begins its sixth season, VHR’s Automotive experts reveal everything you need to know.

3 min read

Who Will Be the Next F1 Driver to Win Their First Championship?

Lewis Hamilton has won five of the last six Formula 1 World Drivers' Championships including this year's. The racing legend broke and currently holds the records for the all-time highest number of car...

3 min read

Formula One’s Environmental Transformation

Earlier this week Formula 1 bosses committed to making the sport completely carbon neutral in the next 10 years.

3 min read

7 Automotive Brands Disrupting the Industry

With more competition, more regulation and higher customer expectations than ever before, the Automotive sector is continually advancing its efforts to create powerful, safe and enjoyable cars.

5 min read

6 Moments that Changed Motorsport History

With over 100 years of rich history and significant advancements since the 1900 Gordon Bennet Cup, motorsport has created thousands of champions and inspired millions of fans across the globe. Here is...

4 min read

Best Formula One Drivers of All Time

Since its beginnings in 1950, the FIA Formula One World Championship has been one of the most popular forms of racing globally since its inception in 1950. The legendary motorsport race has gone throu...

2 min read

Who Is Martin Donnelly And Why Is He So Important To Formula 1?

Martin Donnelly was a racing driver in Formula 3, Formula 3000, and eventually Formula One, until a serious crash ended his racing career.

2 min read

Why Old Cars Are Getting Sustainability Upgrades

The automotive industry is changing. We now fully understand how the emissions from cars impact the atmosphere, and with time running out to reach a zero-carbon economy, some governments are looking t...

3 min read

Materials That Make Motorsport Safer

Safety has always been a top priority for motorsport. In 1981 McLaren revolutionised Formula One by creating the first race car out of carbon fibre: the MP 4/1. Thanks to its lightweight design, it wo...

2 min read

Historical Figures In Engineering: Mary Anderson

While the car has existed in various forms for over a hundred years, one crucial invention helped make it safer, has likely prevented thousands of deaths, and is used every day around the world: the w...

3 min read

How Will Future ‘Drivers’ Learn To Operate Autonomous Cars?

Autonomous cars are the future of driving. According to some in the industry, we’ll have fully autonomous vehicles on our roads in the next decade. Truly autonomous cars should allow a person to enter...

2 min read

How Autonomous Cars Can Help The Blind

Autonomous cars promise to revolutionise the way we get from place to place. No group was poised to benefit more from this new technology than the 36 million blind or 217 million visually impaired peo...