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5 Reasons to Work in Formula 1

  • by: Conor McKeon
  • On: 6, Jul 2018
3 min read

Formula One is one of the most popular industries around the world, being the most-watched motor racing sport globally with 525 million viewers. Today, the prestigious motor racing sport is the fastest-growing Motorsport segment with many leading championship titles achieved internationally. Other than its popularity, what are the best reasons to work in Formula 1?

5 Reasons to Work in Formula 1

1. Have An Exciting Career

Working in Formula 1 means more than just sitting in a car and competing against other racers. An entertainment-focused profession, Formula One jobs offer the opportunity to discover new Automotive trends, the latest technology and a new and exciting experience every day. This adventurous career requires a lot of determination, endurance, focus, passion and commitment, and in return, recognises and rewards its employees.

Although traditionally more men have worked in Formula 1, the Motorsport industry are investing significantly into getting more women into Motorsport. Former British racing driver Susie Wolff shows that women working Motorsport can build long-term careers and brilliant achievements: “Do I care about what men say at the race track? No, not at all. I've always said I race for me, because I love racing. I don't race to prove a point about how well a woman can do against men on the track."

2. Advance Your Automotive Career

Formula One has an estimated turnover of more than $4 billion and it employs over 50,000 people in more than 30 countries. The huge global industry isn’t just about drivers and racing teams: reasons to work in Formula 1 include developing a career in mechanical engineering, team racing, management, electrical engineering and IT.

3. Motorsport Companies Are Some of The Best Companies To Work For

Want to work for one of the best companies in the world? The BBC reports that Formula One is now one of the world’s biggest sporting brands. From television coverage through adverts and social media to brand associations with organisations such as Heineken and Red Bull, Formula One receives global sponsorship. Joining a large international company with an outstanding reputation is one of the best reasons to work in Formula 1.

4. Travel The World

World-class events where racing drivers compete against other drivers from different nationalities across the globe are an essential part of a career in Formula One. Motorsport jobs offer the opportunity to travel the world wherever the seasons are taking place, often in the most incredible cities imaginable. This year alone, the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship is being hosted in 21 countries including the USA, Australia, Russia, Bahrain, Japan, Mexico, Spain and Hungary. Travelling opens up a variety of new and unique experiences with different cultures and lifestyles.

5. Diversity in Motorsport

The last on the list of reasons to work in Formula 1 is arguably the most important. Motor racing is a diverse sport that welcomes individuals from all nationalities. As Motorsport has become increasingly international, Formula 1 not only builds and develops championship and junior racing drivers from different backgrounds, but also incredibly successful Motorsport Engineers and Motorsport Mechanics who live and work all over the world.

The Automotive and Motorsport industries employ a large number of migrant and overseas workers and invite applicants from all over the world. Formula 1 values skills and experience, regardless of background, and welcomes skilled engineers and technical workers from all countries.

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