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What It’s Like to Work in Formula One?

  • by: Conor McKeon
  • On: 15, Oct 2018
2 min read

Formula One is the pinnacle of motorsport. To work in Formula One you have to be smart, fast, and focused. Breaking into the industry isn’t easy, and you need to be at the top of your game. Always aim to improve. Any job in Formula One will not be a standard nine to five: you’ll need to be flexible, committed and reliable.

Job satisfaction is high for those working in Formula One. This can be attributed to the levels of passion and professionalism, as well as having reached the very top of your field. All workers perform a specific role, so all workers have responsibility and agency. This means everyone is valued. All this work is moving towards one common goal, so everyone is always on the same page. This creates a great team atmosphere.

What Is A Career in F1 Like?

Most F1 careers begin off the track – you might be in analytics. F1 performance is always being analysed, tweaked and improved. Performance groups will simulate how the car will run hundreds of times to better understand all the factors at play.

During the race, projections run continuously to predict what might happen in a certain scenario. Support teams will then let the pit teams know if anything seems likely or poses a threat to the driver’s position.

A pit crew is what keeps everything together. Comprised of maybe a dozen people, pit crews are responsible for the vital maintenance and tuning of the car. This all has to happen as fast as humanly possible when the driver comes in, and is fascinating to watch.

The level of technical detail can be staggering, even if you’re used to a highly specialised job. Absolutely everything needs to be monitored and optimised. Trackside engineers are supported by an entire team of analysts, feeding them information over radio. Formula One careers are at the cutting edge of science and design; there’s no room for laziness or complacency. It’s well-known that nine times out of ten, the best car wins. Everyone on the team is trying to make the car better, to be the very best, and win.

Work in Formula One: Advance your Motorsport Career

Rubbing shoulders with F1 stars is exciting, but like you, they’re there to do a job. Teamwork is a big part of working in F1, and since you’re only as good as your weakest link, it’s vital that everyone supports one another. Roughly 100 people will be involved in just one Formula One team on race day.

One of the most rewarding things about working in Formula One is seeing your ideas and designs take shape. Something can go from being a thought in your head to a reality on the track in a matter of weeks. Knowing you’re part of a team that is going out and engaging in the top level of your industry is worth all the struggle and hard work.

Want to work in Formula One? It can be difficult to find a job in Formula One unless you already know someone in the industry, so consider using a recruitment company to help you start a career in Formula One.

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