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2 min read

Best Motorsport Companies To Work For

The motorsport industry is one of the most exciting sectors an engineer could work in. It represents the cutting-edge of the skill, and pushes forward the automotive market with developments and innov...

2 min read

What Impact Could Brexit Have On British Automotive Manufacturing?

The UK’s decision to leave the EU was officially announced on June 23th 2016, yet there’s still no consensus on the impact Brexit will have on the UK automotive market. Whether a deal is reached or no...

2 min read

Why Diesel Sales Are Falling

Diesel sales around the world are falling at an unprecedented rate. The fuel source is steadily being phased out in favour of greener alternatives. Electric vehicles are changing the game for the auto...

2 min read

What The McLaren Senna GTR Means For The Supercar Industry and F1

McLaren is one of the biggest names in the racing industry for a reason. One of the most accomplished teams on the circuit, they also create gorgeous high caliber cars that are road-legal.

2 min read

What It’s Like To Be A F1 Engineer

The role of engineer is a key position in the world of F1, without a dedicated team of engineers no driver could hope to win a single race. The role is one that demands total commitment, with F1 engin...

1 min read

The Australian Grand Prix: History and Facts

As the 2019 Grand Prix kicks off in Australia, VHR’s Motorsport recruitment experts look back on where it all began.

2 min read

What Toyota's Guardian System Means for Car Safety

Autonomous technology is one of the biggest things happening in the automotive industry today. Over the last three years, car manufacturing giant Toyota has been working on autonomous technology for t...

2 min read

How Formula One Is Using Social Media To Attract New Fans

Formula One has enjoyed decades of being one of the world’s most popular sports, with millions of fans making up a diverse and passionate community. Over the last few years, this has been supported by...

3 min read

How Can F1 Compete With The Roborace

Formula One is currently the undisputed king of motorsport. However, the popularity of the sport is declining in some groups, mainly younger people, and even some older fans of the sport who feel it’s...

3 min read

What Fully Autonomous Cars Would Mean For Laws

Autonomous cars are becoming a reality, and soon cars will able to operate without drivers on our streets, motorways, and even our racetracks. The technology itself is becoming more and more robust, b...

2 min read

What F1 Can Learn From Motocross

As the oldest and most well-established motorsport in the world, Formula 1 has no shortage of fans. However the sport could always learn from others, attracting more viewers, making bigger spectacles,...

2 min read

How Electric Vehicles Will Change Infrastructure

Over the next two decades the UK Government will slowly phase out diesel-powered vehicles, and petrol-powered cars soon after. This is in part to combat air pollution which in some cities is reaching ...