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6 min read

How Will the Second Lockdown Affect Recruitment?

Claiming the lives of over 46,000 UK citizens and over 1 million worldwide as of 2nd November 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has wrought destruction across families, businesses and communities globall...

6 min read

5 Ways Technology is Helping the World Fight Covid-19

Since the coronavirus began its course around the world in early 2020, the pandemic has spread its effects across industries and countries. Along with the lives lost totalling almost 1million globally...

Creating a Sustainable Workforce in the Czech Republic

Reasons to Work in Civil Engineering

Are you looking for an exciting, rewarding and ever-changing career path?

8 min read

10 Best Jobs in Tech for 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed 2020 and the foreseeable future for people, businesses and communities around the world.

4 min read

Renewable Energy Trends for 2021

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has recently pushed environmental concerns to the bottom of the priority list, sustainability is set to place firmly at the top of Government and business agendas on 202...

How Airlines Can Meet Sustainability Targets

Aerospace and Aviation generates 2% of the world’s carbon emissions, with one flight producing more CO2 than the average human produces in one year.  Airports are exceeding or reaching capacity due to...

Working in Aviation: 5 Myths and Facts

Following the devastating impact of Covid-19 upon the entire world and the majority of its industries and communities, the job market is predicted to become even more competitive. The coronavirus has ...

7 min read

7 Reasons to Work in Denmark

The coronavirus pandemic has seen multimillions of individuals across the globe lose jobs or work contracts, placed on furlough or suffer financial or personal losses. 2020 became the year for workers...

7 min read

How Smart Technology Will Transform the Automotive Industry in 2020

The devastating impacts of Covid-19 around the world have been felt by millions of individuals, businesses and whole industries. The Automotive sector has seen significant reductions in productivity, ...

Solving the Aerospace Skills Shortage by Recruiting from Other Industries

In addition to the Covid-19 pandemic and rapid increase in demand for leisure and business flights over the past decade, the Aerospace & Aviation sector is facing another critical issue: a lack of...

9 min read

What to Expect from Second Interviews

The job market is predicted to become even more competitive following the global impact of the coronavirus. Covid-19 has seen millions placed on furlough at lower salaries and rates, lose work contrac...