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5 Reasons Why You Should Work in Norway

  • by: Ryan Abbot
  • On: 18, Mar 2020
4 min read

Looking to live and work in a Scandinavian country? Norway offers a unique beauty full of outstanding landscapes, from arctic islands and northern lights to hilly mountains.

Here are our top five reasons why you should work in Norway.

1. History

  • The Vikings Area – Norwegian society has been shaped by a fascinating history mainly led by the famous Vikings - a group of impressive Scandinavians who travelled great distances, mostly by sea and rivers, to settle in Ireland, Greenland and France. They left a significant footprint in Europe through trade and expansion.


  • Unions and Independence – The Kingdom of Denmark-Norway lasted for more than 270 years with Copenhagen as capital. After a little less than a century of an uneasy union with Sweden, the Norwegian parliament declared independence in 1905.


  • Wars – The Nordic land declared itself neutral in both the First and the Second World Wars and showed an active national resistance after Germany invaded the country in 1940.


2. Good Living Standards

The United Nations listed Norway as the best country to live around the world. Although the country has one of the higher costs of living globally, it benefits from a healthy work-life balance that allows the population to spend time with their loved ones as well as practice activities or relax.

  • Family-friendly – Norway offers an excellent parental leave system where mothers can take 35 weeks fully paid or 45 weeks paid at 80%. Families benefit from a right to day-care that will ensure they always find a place for their children. Employers are also very flexible and understanding with their employees.


  • Accommodation – Expats are often surprised at the extremely high amount of the deposit on a rental property, since this is typically worth three to six months’ rent. Rent can range from 8 260.50 krone (724.63 euros) for a single-room apartment outside the city centre to 17 252.28 krone (1513.42 euros) for a three rooms apartment in the city centre.


  • Transport – Norway is a strong leader in the transition to electric vehicles by making gas and oil far more expensive than in other countries. However, Norway has an efficient public transport system including buses, trains and ferries coordinated with each other.


3. Beautiful Sights

  • Oslo – The capital of the country, Oslo is a vibrant and trendy metropolis where visitors and residents can find anything from night to jazz clubs as well as shopping centres. The green city has the advantage of being surrounded by forested hills, which allow outdoor activities lovers to spend time fishing, hiking or biking.


  • Bergen – The Fjord capital is the perfect place to wander around the narrow picturesque alleys and discover the colourful wooden buildings. Located in the middle of 7 mountains, the highest (Ulriken) offers a jaw-dropping panoramic view on the sea, mountains, islands, and fjords.


  • Tromsø - Norway is often referred to as “Land of the Midnight Sun”, and this alias takes on its full meaning in Tromsø. People of the city take advantage of these days and nights light to enjoy the outdoor life and practice hiking, biking and fishing, and also spend time in one of numerous bars with friends. In the middle of the Northern Lights Oval, the region offers a high probability of seeing this beautiful natural phenomenon.


  • The Svalbard Islands – Midway between Norway and the North Pole, this eerie island is a sanctuary of wildlife where the average temperature can reach -14°C in winter and don’t overpass 6°C in summer. A perfect place for the local polar bears.


  • Pulpit Rock – After a six kilometres’ hike, you will be able to enjoy a breath-taking view from a 604 m high viewing platform above the Lysefjord.


4. Norwegian Culture

Its history and its natural environment profoundly influenced the Norwegian culture. This last one encourages outdoor sports such as hiking or skiing.

  • Folklore – Folklore plays a significant role in the modern culture of the so-called “Land of the Midnight Sun.” May 17th, Norwegian Constitution Day is the perfect occasion for the local population to wear traditional costumes (bunad) and listen to instrumental folk music.
  • Myths – The folklore of Norway also tells us about trolls, elves, witches, and other fantastic characters. In the Nordic folklore, trolls are often both dangerous and stupid creatures living either in mountain caves or in dense forests. Among the famous creatures, we find Huldra, a seductive female forest spirit.
  • Food – The natural environment of Norway has shaped its traditional cuisine. Norwegian lambs are incredibly tender due to the clean pastures where the lamb graze. Pinnekjøtt – the traditional Christmas dinner – is made with salty and sometimes smoked lamb ribs. Another appreciated dish is pickled herring.


5. Things to do

  • Cruise on the fjords – One of the best ways to discover the Land of Fjords is probably to experience one of the numerous cruises that offer the country. An enjoyable experience retracing the Vikings path and offering enhancing landscapes.
  • The Flåm railway – Among one of the most beautiful trains journey in the world taking you from the Mydral mountain station – located at 867m above the sea level - down to Snogefjord. The two hours railway trip offers an amazing panoramic view.
  • The Viking Ship Museum – Located on the Bygdøy peninsula, the museum houses the world’s best-preserved Viking ships as well as three Viking era burial ships plus numerous small boats, sledges but also textiles and household utensils.
  • The Viking Planet (Oslo) – Be able to meet Vikings in Oslo thanks to the digital Viking museum. This is an innovative new way of learning with Viking holograms and a 270-degree cinema.
  • Heddal Stave Church – Built in the 1200s and still in use, the medieval wooden church looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale. Inside, an astonishing mix of biblical motifs and pre-Christian beliefs.


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