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6 Reasons Why Hamburg is a Great Place to Work

  • by: Rebecca Fagan
  • On: 21, Feb 2020
4 min read

Looking to live and work in Germany? 

Hamburg is a vibrant city full of contrasts with on the one hand modernity, and on the other hand history, as well as diverse neighbourhoods juxtaposed against wealthier suburbs.

Here are our top 6 reasons why you should consider moving to live and work in this famous part of Germany.


6 Best Things About Living and Working in Hamburg

1. History

What makes such a unique city lies in its rich history, when the region was part of the Hanseatic League. Benefiting from the convenient location of the port as well as its independence as a city-state for centuries allowed it to become a strong economic and commercial city. The region was completely independent from the German Federation until 1815.

One other major event in the city’s history is The Great Fire of Hamburg, that began early on May 5, 1842 and burned for more than 3 days, destroying about one third of the buildings in the old city. The city was rebuilt with greater use of bricks as building with woods was no longer permitted.


2. Beautiful Sights

Living and working in Hamburg means enjoying amazing and contrasting sights every day. The so-called ‘Venice of the North’ has the advantage of being close to two seas but also benefiting from three great rivers – the Elbe, Alster and Bille.

The city’s sites include:

· The Port Hamburg – probably the most typical part of the city and Europe’s second largest port. Numerous boat trips enable people to experience the smell of freedom and fresh air of the sea.

· Nikolaifleet – one of the prettiest canals located in the old town and surrounded with old and typical merchant houses and bridges, the water presents a visual delight and a perfect place for photography lovers.

· Speicherstadt – located in the port, this is the largest warehouse district in the world. The historic bricks buildings complement many other outstanding examples of the 1920th Brick Expressionism which can be found through the city.

· The Reeperbahn – the city’s Red-Light District and the biggest red-light district in Europe is a great place to discover the traditional bars where sailors and students alike come to drink shots of Kümmel, the local hard liquor.

· Der Fischmarkt – the fresh market offers fish, fruit, flowers and clothes every Sunday morning. Visitors and locals can sample the famous fish sandwich and enjoy the beautiful views of the harbour.

· St. Michael’s Church – Hamburg’s largest church has a 106-metere high observation deck offering a unique panorama view of the city and harbour.

· Planten un Blomen – a perfect place to relax or picnic over the weekend in the heart of central Hamburg. Every summer night visitors can even enjoy the well-known Water and Light Concerts.


3. A Unique Culture

Local mentality is highly influenced by the city’s Hanseatic legacy, which led the region to economic and commercial prosperity.

An independent city until 1815 and a city-state nowadays, it is now a ‘free city’ regarding religion, music choice and fashion style and is popular for being open, tolerant and multicultural. The region is often described as a lovely place to live, even if the weather is not always welcoming.

The city’s maritime atmosphere is unique and nourishes the harbour workers, market vendors, fishermen and sailors that are a vital part of the general atmosphere of the city.


4. Entertainment & Things to Do

· The Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall – a concentration of music and architecture in the middle of the port. The concert hall enjoys an eclectic mix of classical music, jazz, electro and pop music events.

· Miniatur Wunderland – the largest model railway system of its kind in the world, where different miniaturized railways can be observed such as those from Las Vegas or Rome.

· Museum – Chocoversum by Hachez Schokoladenmuseum – a 90 minute-tour to learn everything about cocoa. The best part is creating your own chocolate bar with high-quality ingredients.

· Hamburg Dungeon – this attraction gives an insight into the region’s dark history in an interactive experience. This activity is ideal to immerse yourself into the atmosphere of the old region through the recreation of the streets and villages across time periods.

From German and local specialities to prestigious or international cuisine, the city offers a variety of choices in bars and restaurants. Don’t forget to taste the culinary speciality from northern Germany made of salted meat or corned beef, potatoes and onion called labskaus. When it comes to bars, Reeperbahn in St Pauli district, is probably the best place to party and sample stylish cocktail bars and cult pubs.


5. Employment & Careers

Thanks to its position and the port, Frankfurt is a huge commercial hub and hosts a large number of multinational companies that offer numerous job opportunities. Hamburg is Germany’s wealthiest city with the highest GDP in the country and a high employment rate. Its economic pillars are considered to be shipbuilding, and its Aerospace research centres are considered amongst the best in Europe.

As English is a mandatory subject in all German schools, the language is mainly understood and, in many cases, the preferred business language, meaning that migrants and expats can ease into life in Germany before becoming fluent.


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