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Why You Should Work In The Czech Republic

  • by: Iulia Mihalache
  • On: 30, Jul 2019
2 min read

If you’re thinking of working in Europe, you might typically think of working in Germany, or France, but the Czech Republic is actually one of the best countries in Europe to work in.

Benefits Of Working In The Czech Republic:

Work In A Truly International Country

The Czech Republic is one of the most metropolitan and diverse countries in the EU. Anyone who speaks English will be in luck, as many international companies which work there use English as their main language.

The country’s location is another benefit, being right in the centre of Europe. This makes it ideal for travel to almost anywhere in Europe by plane, train, or car. The country has fast, cheap public transport, so it’s easy to get around.

Strong Technical Industries

The Czech Republic has many strong technical industries, including:

Automotive, which accounts for 28% of the Czech manufacturing output.


Electrical Engineering


Roughly 38% of the total workforce is employed in the industrial sector. These industries have helped raise the standard of living in the country, and there are now many aerospace and automotive companies looking for workers as they expand. They have also brought in extensive investment from other countries.

Excellent Work/Life Balance and Strong Economy

The Czech Republic has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the EU, and with an influx of foreign businesses coming into the country, there are currently more jobs than can be filled.

The average salary in Prague is over 40,000 CZK, thanks to the last decade of hard work driving the economy forward. Even better, you can live relatively cheaply in the Czech Republic, as it has some of the cheapest consumer goods in the EU.

Last year, the Czech Republic was rated the 15th best country in the World Economic Forum Quality Of Life Index, beating the USA, UK, and France. It is also one of the safest countries in the world.

The work/life balance is much better than in other countries, without the excessive demands placed on workers in the UK and US. Those working in the Czech Republic enjoy 25 days of paid vacation a year, with 13 extra bank holiday days. The country is also the number one consumer of beer in the world, so the people know how to relax and have fun.

Natural Beauty

Prague is the world most green urban space; the world’s largest city with the highest density of green space.

The rest of the Czech countryside is beautiful as well, with green hills and forests around the country.

How To Work In The Czech Republic

If you’re an EU citizen you have the same rights as a Czech citizen.

First, like most countries, a foreign worker from outside the EU must secure a visa and a work permit. The maximum length of a work permit is two years, but it can be extended. Like all work permits in the EU, they must be secured by an employer, and given to a specific employee. If someone from outside the country were to lose their job, they would lose their work permit.

Find out why the right to work is so important for international job seekers, or read our guide to job interviews

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