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Best Jobs You Don’t Need A Degree For

  • by: Jennifer Robinson
  • On: 2, Apr 2024
2 min read

For years young people in the UK have been told they must get a degree to have a successful career. But there are several jobs you can get without a degree, that will allow you to have long and prosperous careers with impressive salaries.

These Are Five Of The Best Jobs You Don’t Need A Degree For:

Sales Manager

It’s been said that anyone can work in sales. You don’t need a degree, as the ability to successfully sell can’t always be taught. Salespeople can work their way up the career ladder by hitting their targets, growing their list of clients, and bringing in consistent revenue to the company. A sales manager can earn anywhere between £20,000-£100,000, often with bonuses if the team hits their targets.

You’ll need excellent people skills and the ability to manage your time effectively if you’re going to be a manager.

Project Manager

Project managers oversee projects and the people who work on them. They are very organised, pay attention to detail, and help develop teams and departments in the long term. They can work in almost any industry, ensuring that everyone is keeping on schedule. The average salary for a project manager is £40,000.

Power Plant Operator

Despite requiring a highly specific and in-depth skillset, you can become a power plant operator without a degree. They monitor equipment, document energy production rates, and keep the plant operational. The average salary for a power plant operator in the UK is £39,000.

In order to get a job as a power plant operator you will need vocational experience, usually gained through an apprenticeship or internship. The initial training process can take a year, gaining hands-on training while also taking tests to learn more about the industry. From this point they can go on to earn engineering licenses.


Recruiters help candidates find jobs. Whether they work in a niche field or in generic recruitment, all recruiters use the same skills: communication, empathy, and insight. Recruiters can connect people with better jobs in their field, or help people start entirely new careers. The average salary for a recruiter in the UK is £33,000, often with bonuses on top.

VHR is always looking for entry-level recruitment consultants.


HR is a great career choice for anyone who likes working with people. Human resources departments are responsible for the smooth running of the human elements of businesses. The average starting salary for someone working in HR is around £18,000, and can grow to as much as £35,000 for a managerial role. HR managers have a direct impact on how businesses are run, and the decisions that are made, and play a huge part in creating the overall company culture.

These are just some of the many jobs you can get without a university degree. If you work hard, look for opportunities, and submit an excellent application for the job, you can begin a successful career.

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