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What It's Like To Live On The International Space Station

Life in space is, not surprisingly, very different from life on Earth. In an environment of zero gravity, even simple tasks become more complicated to perform.

Top 5 Engineering Careers

Engineering is a varied field, with many different disciplines and skills being utilised.

Top 5 Features That Make a Great Airline

In a world where online reviews count towards 88% of consumers decision making, what are the most important features that make a great airline and how can they be achieved?

Top 5 Global Airlines – The Secrets to their Success

How Do The Top 5 Global Airlines Drive Growth and Success? In the fast-paced world of Aerospace & Aviation, skilled talent and brilliant minds are forever competing in a crowded market full of nat...

5 Reasons to Work for a Global Airline

Ever wanted to travel around the world and work abroad? Some of the most prestigious, global airline companies can offer you your dream career.

Changes in the Aviation Industry: Tackling Climate Change

The need to respond to climate change has never been so important. Changes in the Aviation industry are prevailing – there is seemingly no longer an aim to reach a new top-speed, or out-perform the mo...

Historical Figures In Engineering: Wernher von Braun and the Moon Landing

Neil Armstrong’s famous words, ‘One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’ were only made possible by the iconic scientific breakthroughs of NASA. The story behind the Moon Landing is often f...

How Cassini Changed What We Know About Our Solar System

Twenty years after its launch into space, the life of Cassini – a NASA spacecraft – has come to an end. Cassini plummeted into Saturn’s atmosphere after producing a vast amount of data and photography...

Aviation Skills Shortage: Are Salaries the Solution?

Whilst technology continues to advance and demand for skilled aircraft maintenance technicians heightens, salaries of maintenance staff have decreased over the last 5 years. With airlines and MROs fac...

Industry Innovators: Aerospace & Aviation Pioneers

As the first people to invent, build and fly an airplane, the Wright Brothers are the most famous innovators in the Aerospace & Aviation industry.