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Will Boeing Stop Manufacturing The 737 Max?

In July, Boeing reported its worst ever quarterly-loss, at $3.4 billion. This is due to their 737 Max, a plane that has been plagued by poor design which resulted in tragic and avoidable deaths.

UK Announces Plans for Satellite Defence System

The UK has announced today that it will be increasing its presence in space, moving to deter growing threats from China and Russia.

How We’re Going To Grow Plants On Mars

There is a good chance we will be on track to colonise Mars by 2050. While we’re currently yet to set foot on the Red Planet, there are many national and private entities looking to send people to sta...

History of Engineering: The Plane

The invention of the plane was one of the most significant achievements of the last century. It has allowed us to explore the world, experience new cultures, and expand our horizons beyond what once w...

How The Lockheed Blackbird Made Military History

One of the most famous planes in the military, the Lockheed Blackbird has been the pinnacle of speed, stealth, and innovation for decades.

How Asteroid Mining Is Going To Change the World

We are rapidly running out of resources on Earth. Traditional fossil fuels are becoming depleted, and will eventually run dry. Rare metals that are vital to the creation of new technology are likewise...

Historical Figures In Engineering: Lawrence Hargrave

The field of aviation owes much to Lawrence Hargrave, a pioneering engineer who invented the rotary engine, the cambered aerofoil, and the box-kite, which inspired the Wright Brothers. Without his wor...

Will The US Space Force Ever Exist?

President Trump announced the creation of a US Space Force months ago, to immediate ridicule. Despite this, the Trump administration expects the space force will be up and running by 2020.

How To Get More Engineers Into Aviation

Those working in the aviation industry have known for some time that there is a skills shortage that will soon threaten the viability of the sector’s continuing profitability. The International Civil ...

The Future Of Spaceflight

Spaceflight has been operating under largely the same technology since the 1960’s. Reaction engines used massive chemical output to create enough thrust to escape the Earth’s gravity. There have since...

The Future Of The Aviation Industry In The Middle East

The aviation industry is one of the biggest and most important sectors in the world. The Middle Eastern market has been driving growth for years, but will it be able to maintain its strong market pres...

Blue Abyss Founder John Vickers On Future Of UK Space Industry

It is famously difficult to become an astronaut. Astronauts must be at the peak of physical fitness, have studied for years to be fully qualified, and be mentally prepared for the hardship of living a...