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Aircraft Design Challenges and Solutions for 2020

1. Safety Aerospace and Aviation safety has been high on the agenda following the tragic recent Boeing 737 Max crashes that killed over 300 people. After Australian provider Qantas found cracks on the...

Pilot Skills Shortage: The Solution?

The pilot shortage has long been affecting the global Aviation sector. Boeing’s 2019-2038 Outlook forecasts global demand for 800,000 new pilots by 2037 – double the current sector workforce – and 98,...

8 Reasons to Work in Aerospace & Aviation

Looking for a new career, but unsure where to turn? Continuous opportunities for development, exciting challenges every day and amazing new life experiences – here are VHR’s top five reasons to work i...

7 Aerospace & Aviation Trends for 2020

Between 2019 and 2024, the in-service fleet is predicted to grow annually at 3.9 percent, with Air Europa, American Airlines, IndiGo and flyadeal just some of the Aviation providers set to complete $m...

How Airlines Can Improve Their Service

The aviation industry is going through a turbulent time. Small-scale or challenger airlines are going bust, while larger airlines struggle to deal with rising fuel costs. We’ve seen many budget airlin...

How Scotland's Space Industry Is Growing

Space technology is being used for more than exploration of our solar system. Once only limited to communications, satellite technology can now be used for data analysis. Today, it’s being used to fig...

3D Printing Can Change The Aviation Industry

The aerospace industry relies on innovation to grow and overcome challenges.

How Shark Skin Inspired New Aviation Technology

The Mako shark is one of the fastest animals on the planet. Thanks to evolutionary adaptations acquired over millions of years, it can move between 60 and 80mph through water.

Will Boeing Stop Manufacturing The 737 Max?

In July, Boeing reported its worst ever quarterly-loss, at $3.4 billion. This is due to their 737 Max, a plane that has been plagued by poor design which resulted in tragic and avoidable deaths.

UK Announces Plans for Satellite Defence System

The UK has announced today that it will be increasing its presence in space, moving to deter growing threats from China and Russia.

How We’re Going To Grow Plants On Mars

There is a good chance we will be on track to colonise Mars by 2050. While we’re currently yet to set foot on the Red Planet, there are many national and private entities looking to send people to sta...

History of Engineering: The Plane

The invention of the plane was one of the most significant achievements of the last century. It has allowed us to explore the world, experience new cultures, and expand our horizons beyond what once w...