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Household Items that Came From Military Technology

When we think of military technology, we tend to think of fighter jets soaring through the sky, submarines hiding beneath the ocean, or powerful missiles that can’t be intercepted.

2 min read

How Businesses In The Middle East Can Access The Global Skills Market

There is a skills shortage across the global engineering market.

2 min read

What Does ‘The Right To Work’ Mean, And Why Is It Important For International Job Seekers?

Applying for jobs can be difficult. You have to find vacancies, write a great CV, and prove that you’re the best person for the job.

3 min read

Materials That Make Motorsport Safer

Safety has always been a top priority for motorsport. In 1981 McLaren revolutionised Formula One by creating the first race car out of carbon fibre: the MP 4/1. Thanks to its lightweight design, it wo...

History of Engineering: The Plane

The invention of the plane was one of the most significant achievements of the last century. It has allowed us to explore the world, experience new cultures, and expand our horizons beyond what once w...

3 min read

Guide to Working in the Netherlands

Want to work in a European country that’s famous for its beautiful landscapes and rich history? Read our free Guide to Working in the Netherlands below and discover: · Culture – Explore rich Dutch his...

History of Engineering: The Internet

The internet is one of the most important inventions in human history. It has revolutionised how we communicate, learn, and meet each other.

2 min read

How Data Can Make Your Hiring Process More Efficient

Data is having an impact on every industry, allowing for more in-depth and insightful analysis which in turn can make processes more efficient. We’re generating data at a faster rate than at any point...

3 min read

Guide to Working in Hungary

Want to work in a European country that’s full of ancient history, eclectic culture and a variety of travel opportunities? Here’s our Guide to Working in Hungary.

Technological Progress Since The Moon Landing (And How That Helps Engineering Today)

Since mankind landed on the moon fifty years ago, our technological progress has rapidly expanded across every single sector and discipline of science. Thanks to technology developed specifically for ...

2 min read

Historical Figures In Engineering: Mary Anderson

While the car has existed in various forms for over a hundred years, one crucial invention helped make it safer, has likely prevented thousands of deaths, and is used every day around the world: the w...

History of Engineering: Electricity

How Electricity Changed Engineering: The discovery of electricity allowed mankind to harness vast amounts of energy, powering new technologies which improved lives around the world. It was one of the ...