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2 min read

Fighting Gender Bias in Job Ads

Unfortunately, even today unconscious bias is still a part of the recruitment process. Good recruiters will go out of their way to unlearn biases, and good companies will provide training to further e...

2 min read

How Data Will Change Recruitment

We now generate more data than ever before, roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created a day. Amazingly, 90% of all the data in the world was created in the last 2 years. As time goes on, we’re...

2 min read

How You Should Reply To LinkedIn Adverts To Get A Job

Linkedin is a fantastic resource when you’re looking for a new job. You can use it to apply to job postings, or recruiters and headhunters can find you through your profile, and engage with you throug...

How Scotland's Space Industry Is Growing

Space technology is being used for more than exploration of our solar system. Once only limited to communications, satellite technology can now be used for data analysis. Today, it’s being used to fig...

History of Engineering: Carbon Fibre

Once, the only materials we could use to build with were what we could find in nature. Wood, stone, clay, iron, and bronze allowed us to build houses, tools, and weapons.

3D Printing Can Change The Aviation Industry

The aerospace industry relies on innovation to grow and overcome challenges.

2 min read

Why Greta Thunberg Sailing Across The Atlantic Is Important

Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg has set sail across the Atlantic ocean to attend UN Climate Summits in New York and Chile. This has drawn massive amounts of media attention, as well as some criti...

2 min read

Why Fewer Young People Are Going To University

The number of young people in the UK who believe a university degree is vital for success in later life has fallen to around two thirds. This number has been steadily falling for the last three year. ...

Is The Future Of Combat Non-Nuclear?

Nuclear weapons defined the closing days of World War II, and loomed over the next fifty years of combat, dominating both the military and psychological landscapes of world leaders and the people who ...

History of Engineering: 5G

Thanks to smartphones, we now have the capability to access information and entertainment anywhere, at any time, thanks to data. 5G is the latest iteration of mobile technology, promising faster speed...

How Shark Skin Inspired New Aviation Technology

The Mako shark is one of the fastest animals on the planet. Thanks to evolutionary adaptations acquired over millions of years, it can move between 60 and 80mph through water.

2 min read

Why Recruitment In The UK Is Growing

A record number of new recruitment agencies were registered in 2018, increasing the total number of recruitment companies in the UK to its highest ever. 8,488 new recruitment agencies registered last ...