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4 min read

Find Your Perfect Job: How to Work with a Recruitment Agency

Looking for a new job but not sure where to begin? Working with a recruitment agency gives you the best chance of finding your perfect job.

5 min read

6 Moments that Changed Motorsport History

With over 100 years of rich history and significant advancements since the 1900 Gordon Bennet Cup, motorsport has created thousands of champions and inspired millions of fans across the globe. Here is...

8 Reasons to Work in Aerospace & Aviation

Looking for a new career, but unsure where to turn? Continuous opportunities for development, exciting challenges every day and amazing new life experiences – here are VHR’s top five reasons to work i...

3 min read

Why Businesses Shouldn’t Use International Contractors on Temporary Visas

Contractors are the backbone of many industries that require technical and engineering projects. Able to work for weeks or years, temporary contractors have a variety of skills and can therefore deliv...

7 Aerospace & Aviation Trends for 2020

Between 2019 and 2024, the in-service fleet is predicted to grow annually at 3.9 percent, with Air Europa, American Airlines, IndiGo and flyadeal just some of the Aviation providers set to complete $m...

4 min read

Best Formula One Drivers of All Time

Since its beginnings in 1950, the FIA Formula One World Championship has been one of the most popular forms of racing globally since its inception in 1950. The legendary motorsport race has gone throu...

The Future of Automation

Automation has been a staple in the manufacturing process of virtually every product for decades. Now, thanks to cheaper and more sophisticated technology, we’re starting to see fully automated facili...

Why Ethics Are So Important For Engineers

It’s an engineer’s job to build things, make things better, and to come up with new solutions to complicated problems. Engineers have created new forms of transportation, new ways of generating energy...

How Industry 4.0 Will Improve Circular Economies

Thanks to the Internet of Things, we now have access to more data than ever. Industry analytics allows us to learn from this data, optimise things, and make the entire process more efficient.

How Denmark Became The Capital Of The Robotics Industry

The robotics industry is becoming more and more impressive thanks to innovation on a global scale. Combining impressive feats of mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as AI systems to enable ...

2 min read

Who Is Martin Donnelly And Why Is He So Important To Formula 1?

Martin Donnelly was a racing driver in Formula 3, Formula 3000, and eventually Formula One, until a serious crash ended his racing career.

How Airlines Can Improve Their Service

The aviation industry is going through a turbulent time. Small-scale or challenger airlines are going bust, while larger airlines struggle to deal with rising fuel costs. We’ve seen many budget airlin...