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Guide to Working in Hungary

Posted by Amandine Foucher on Jun 26, 2019 2:29:24 PM 1561555763409

Want to work in a European country that’s full of ancient history, eclectic culture and a variety of travel opportunities? Here’s our Guide to Working in Hungary.

Accommodation – How Much Does It Cost to Live in Hungary?

The cost of living in Hungary will vary across areas of the country. The capital, Budapest, is likely to have a higher cost of living than more regional areas. However, here are the average rents and bills to help you plan your budget:

· Studio Apartment Accommodation – One month’s rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Budapest city centre would be around €468.

· Suburban Accommodation – One month's rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Budapest suburb would cost you around €350.

· Monthly Utility Bill for Budapest – Utilities for one month for 2 people in a 85m2 flat in Budapest will cost around €144.


Transport – How Can You Get Around in Hungary?

Budapest is the only city in Hungary with an extensive public transportation system. The country’s transport options include a combination of metro, tram and commuter buses. Buses are the best bet for reaching the more out-of-the way places in Budapest.

Working in Hungary offers the opportunity to visit other incredible countries around Europe, which include:

· Croatia – Enjoy beautiful countryside, deserted beaches and ancient walled towns.

· Austria – Experience both outdoor landscapes and urban activities in Austria. Climb alpine mountains and explore imperial Vienna.

· Romania – Visit old stone churches and dazzling monasteries after walking across vast mountains and rolling hills. Take a trip to vibrant Bucharest for a unique city break.


Things to Do – Entertainment & Activities in Hungary

· Castle Hill – A kilometre-long limestone plateau towering 170m above the Danube.

· Parliament – Government buildings designed and completed in 1902, the Hungarian Parliament offers 691 luxuriously decorated rooms.

· Esztergom Basilica – The largest church in Hungary sits on Castle Hill, and its 72m-high central dome can be seen from miles away.

· Eger Castle – Built in the 13th century.

· Great Synagogue – The stunning building is the world's largest Jewish house of worship outside New York City.


Want to Know More?

Download our free Guide to Working in Hungary and discover:

· Culture – Learn about Hungary’s long history and all the country has to offer

· Pensions and Tax – Everything you need to know about living and working in Hungary

· Language – How to say ‘hello’, ‘thank you’ and a range of useful phrases

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