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Best Industries for Engineering Careers

  • by: Ryan Abbot
  • On: 10, Dec 2018
3 min read

Many industries offer exciting engineering and technical careers: 

· Formula One Engineers are employed at the peak of their careers to work on cutting edge technology that will define the next generation of commercial cars.

· Aeronautics Engineers send people into space and will help colonise other planets by the end of the century.

· Defence Engineers help keep people safe, building futuristic weapon systems and countermeasures.

· Quantum Engineers are working at the very forefront of science that may take us into the next age of technology. All these engineering jobs require a high level of education, dedication and drive to succeed.

What Are the Best Careers For Engineering?

1. F1 Engineering

Being a Formula One Engineer means you travel all over the world, working on some of the most powerful vehicles ever made. Described as more of a lifestyle than a job, F1 Engineers are a tight-knit team responsible for repairing, maintaining and optimising F1 cars to ensure peak performance and a podium finish.

The pressure in F1 engineering comes from the time constraints: everything is on the clock. Engines and air intake systems must be energy-efficient and powerful enough to generate massive amounts of power in short amounts of time and maintain it throughout a race. Every inch of the chassis must be as aerodynamic as possible, the car body kept light without suffering penalties to velocity.

Despite the obvious need for as much speed as possible, safety is any F1 Engineer’s number one priority. Ensuring the Formula One car generates enough downforce is vital to keeping it on the ground when things do wrong, and every part of the car must be stress-tested in the event of a crash.

Here are 5 Reasons to Work in Formula One.

2. Aeronautics Engineering

Aeronautics Engineers are currently working on the next generation of spacecraft which will begin taking tourists into space. After launch, the spacecraft technology will be refined so it can go further, allowing people to begin colonising the moon and later Mars.

Aeronautics technology requires a level of precision difficult to match in any other field, due to the inherent danger of going into space.

3. Defence Engineering

Defence Engineering relies on many different disciplines. Communications are vital: providing accurate intel in real-time can make the difference between life and death. Understanding threat vectors, and the nature of what might could launch an attack at any moment, is key to effective defence.

Defence Engineering requires constant monitoring of threats across the globe, and assets must be routinely upgraded to ensure nothing but the best capabilities.

Here are 5 Skills You’ll Need to Become an Engineer.

4. Quantum Engineering

Quantum Engineering is a relatively new field. Still largely experimental, Quantum Engineers attempt to make practical technology that can be used in everyday life.

Can any one type of Engineering be considered as the pinnacle of such a complex and wide-ranging field? All Engineers are working to make the world a better place, using some of the most complicated and advanced technology to make improvements to our lives.

What type of engineering do you think is most important, or most exciting? Let us know at @VHROfficial

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