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The Future of International Technical Recruitment

  • by: Ryan Abbot
  • On: 21, Nov 2018
3 min read

Technology is changing the way we work. Impacting every industry from manufacturing to communications, technology is making us faster, more connected and better equipped to deal with problems.

Technology is also rapidly advancing recruitment, changing how candidates are found, engaged with and eventually hired. Technology allows recruiters to reach talent from all around the world, build networks and match the best candidates with the best jobs. Here’s how technology will impact recruitment.

How Technology Will Change Recruitment:

1. Targeted Ads

Personal profiles, built from our online behaviours and social media habits, are used by companies across industries to target potential consumers and sell them products and services. Personal profiles are increasingly used to advertise in recruitment too. Whether on search engines, social media or other sites, personalised job adverts can target specific people based on specific criteria.

Job adverts for certain jobs will only be seen by candidates who are actually interested in them, meaning fewer applications from people who aren’t qualified or experienced, and a greater percentage of applications from candidates who are right for the job. Personalised recruitment advertising will save time, energy, and effort and will expand and become more refined over the next decade.

Here are 5 Ways a Recruitment Company Can Help Your Business Grow.

2. Social Media

Social media is becoming more crucial in job searches and recruitment and will grow in importance over the years. LinkedIn, for example, has revolutionised how candidates search for jobs and allows both employers and employees to enjoy a more transparent relationship.

The future of social media is, by its very nature, difficult to predict. No one could have predicted the meteoric success of Facebook, so we cannot predict the rise of a website or app that doesn’t exist yet. As we’ve seen countless times before, viral culture moves quickly, and tastes can change overnight. Twitter is based primarily around the use of words, which has fallen in popularity against Instagram, where the only medium that matters is visual.

Social media has become a defining staple in our lives: a way of constructing and managing identity. It is almost impossible to conceive of a world where social media isn’t in some way involved in our day and in our work. As it becomes more ubiquitous and interconnected with our daily lives, our work will blend with our social media channels, as we’ve seen with LinkedIn, Facebook Live and trends on Twitter. Social media allows us to engage with the world at large, so it only makes sense that it will move more into our professional lives as well.

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3. A Global Mindset

Technology is bringing the world closer together, allowing us to talk to someone on the other side of the world in real time. The pool of potential talent is wider ever before and easier to access, and the best possible candidates are more easily identifiable.

VHR have been global recruitment specialists for 15 years, but this global mindset is taking on more significance as we move into new areas of growth. The technical recruitment sector relies on the talent of those working within it, and so must maintain a focus on quality. Utilising the best technology will allow the industry to move forward, open new areas for development and build stronger relationships between clients and candidates.

Learn more about how recruitment can deliver a more qualified workforce, or how using a recruitment company can help your company hit deadlines.

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