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History of Engineering: 5G

Thanks to smartphones, we now have the capability to access information and entertainment anywhere, at any time, thanks to data. 5G is the latest iteration of mobile technology, promising faster speed...

Historical Figures of Engineering: Seymour Cray

Supercomputers drive many of our technical industries forward with superior processing power and a high level of sophistication.

Upcoming Defence Projects That Will Change Warfare

The Future Of Warfare: Anti-Satellite Lasers Much of our communications infrastructure is now located in space, crucial for the military as well as civilian life. Spy satellites are now common, so it’...

Household Items that Came From Military Technology

When we think of military technology, we tend to think of fighter jets soaring through the sky, submarines hiding beneath the ocean, or powerful missiles that can’t be intercepted.

UK Announces Plans for Satellite Defence System

The UK has announced today that it will be increasing its presence in space, moving to deter growing threats from China and Russia.

Why The Military Is Working On Sonic Weapons

A sonic weapon is one that relies on sound to do damage or deter enemies, rather than traditional ballistics or explosives.

History of Engineering: The Internet

The internet is one of the most important inventions in human history. It has revolutionised how we communicate, learn, and meet each other.

How The Lockheed Blackbird Made Military History

One of the most famous planes in the military, the Lockheed Blackbird has been the pinnacle of speed, stealth, and innovation for decades.

Historical Figures In Engineering: John von Neumann

John von Neumann was a 20th Century mathematician, computer scientist, and physicist, whose pioneering work was fundamental in the development of digital computers. He was well-respected in the scient...

Best Engineering Companies To Work For In 2019

There are hundreds of excellent companies to work for if you’re an engineer. Many of the biggest companies in the world rely on engineers to design and create their products, and have a host of perks ...

What Is The Future of Cyber Warfare?

With cyber attacks being more and more prevalent in businesses around the world, national security agencies and military forces are turning their attention to cyber warfare.

Technological Progress Since The Moon Landing (And How That Helps Engineering Today)

Since mankind landed on the moon fifty years ago, our technological progress has rapidly expanded across every single sector and discipline of science. Thanks to technology developed specifically for ...