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3 min read

7 Reasons to Work in the Netherlands

Want to live and work abroad, but don’t know which is the right country for you? Here are VHR’s Top 7 Reasons to Work in the Netherlands.

3 min read

7 Reasons to Work in the Marine Industry

Looking for adventure? Want a challenging career? A job in the Marine industry could be the start of a new and exciting career change.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Recruitment Agency

Considering using a recruitment agency but want to learn more about the benefits first? VHR discusses 5 reasons why recruitment agencies are good for business.

4 min read

What are the Average Salaries for Engineering Jobs Across Industries?

Salary is not always the most important aspect of a job – some jobs offer amazing benefits, flexibility or the opportunity to live and work abroad – but for specific life and career goals, salaries an...

2 min read

5 Reasons to Work in Hungary

Want to work abroad? Here are the top five reasons to work in Hungary. 5. Employment Rate in Hungary Larger cities such as Budapest, Miskolc and Debrecen offer quality employment opportunities: Hungar...

7 min read

10 Reasons to Do an Apprenticeship

Rising university fees mean more young people are thinking about starting an apprenticeship. Are you undecided on the benefits of an apprenticeship against a university degree? Here are our Top 10 Rea...

6 min read

10 Best Technical Industries to Work in 2018

Here Are The Top 10 Best Industries to Work in 2018:   10. Mechanical Design The creative industry is now one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors, and it continues to outperform the other industries. ...

How to Retain Your Employees: 5 Steps to Increase Employee Retention

With employee turnover at its highest levels in 10 years, how can businesses keep hold of their skilled staff and increase employee retention?

Most In-Demand Technical Skills for 2018

New Year, New Job – Is 2018 the year for your career?

2 min read

Working in Recruitment: Expectation vs Reality

What’s it like to work in recruitment? Our Development Coach Ben Shorter reveals the secrets of the recruitment industry.

7 Reasons to Work in Recruitment: Start your Recruitment Career

A career in recruitment presents a fantastic opportunity for a variety of backgrounds.

Identifying Unethical Recruitment in the UAE: How to Protect Migrant Workers

With worker wellbeing rapidly advancing up the global agenda, UAE-based businesses are under pressure to recruit more ethically. Ethical recruitment protects companies and workers alike, but how can b...