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2 min read

Why You Should Use A Recruitment Agency to Find Your Engineering Job

Engineering is a highly skilled field where many of the best engineers have enjoyed long and happy careers. Being such a well-paid field, competition for engineering jobs is fierce. As engineering is ...

3 min read

How to Make Yourself More Employable

Every job you apply for will have other candidates applying for the same job. You’ll need to be the best fit for the role, make a good impression and be more employable than everyone else competing fo...

3 min read

Why You Should Work in Spain

Spain is one of the cultural hubs of Europe, with fantastic links for business, travel, and networking. Here are five reasons why you should work in Spain.

3 min read

How to Get a Job as an Engineer

Engineers are highly skilled and highly sought-after professionals. They’re responsible for everything from infrastructure to car manufacturing, making the planes in the sky and the phone in your pock...

6 min read

Guide to Working in the EU

VHR recruit engineers, project managers and technical specialists from all around the world. But no matter where we’re recruiting from, one of the questions we’re always asked is: ‘How can I work in t...

3 min read

5 Scary Job Interview Questions

Job interviews can be scary: there’s a lot of pressure, and at the end of the interview you will either have a job or you won’t. This can make us nervous, and panic when questions are asked that we ar...

What It’s Like to Work in Formula One?

Formula One is the pinnacle of motorsport. To work in Formula One you have to be smart, fast, and focused. Breaking into the industry isn’t easy, and you need to be at the top of your game. Always aim...

3 min read

5 Things That Can Help You Get A Job (That Aren’t Your CV)

Finding a job can be difficult. Whether this is your first job search or your fifteenth, there are still new things to learn, new techniques to adopt, and new tools to use. The average person changes ...

2 min read

How To Work In The EU If You’re Not From An EU Country

VHR regularly supports skilled engineers and technicians from outside the EU who want to work in EU countries. One of the most common questions we receive is ‘How do I work in the EU?’

3 min read

Should I Quit My Job?

Every once in a while, you’ll consider quitting your job. You might want to work in a different field. You might be underpaid. You might see your friends enjoying high-powered careers in far-flung pla...

3 min read

7 Soft Skills That Will Get You a Job

Finding a job can be hard. If you don’t have much relevant experience, it can be tempting to pad out your CV, embellish accomplishments, or even lie. You don’t need to do this – instead, take a look a...

2 min read

Four of the Best Airlines to Work For

More and more people are looking to commercial airlines as places of employment. Many airlines are long-established companies with fantastic incentive schemes, rewards, and acclaim. A rewarding and ex...