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7 Reasons To Work At VHR In 2019

  • by: Ian Preddy
  • On: 3, Jan 2019
2 min read

VHR is starting off 2019 by recruiting for experienced recruitment consultants. The role has many opportunities to grow, progress, and learn, being part of a team that is there to support you.

Besides that, VHR itself is a fantastic place to work, with a variety of benefits for everyone.

What It's Like To Work In International Technical Recruitment:

Working In London

Our main office in located in central London on the River Thames. London is one of the most international cities in the world, with people from all over the globe living and working in it. VHR is no exception, with an international team working in the centre of a vibrant and thriving hub that the whole world moves through.

International Work Trips

We work with engineers all over the world, and frequently fly out to meet clients, or check on progress. These work trips can take our employees to boatyards in Spain, airports in Abu Dhabi, or racetracks in Italy. We also frequently attend international trade shows for our industries, which help us to be known all over the world.

Top Performance Trips

Our top performers who beat their yearly targets are rewarded with a holiday. 2018’s trip was to New York, with individuals from every team flying out to enjoy some time off. A fantastic incentive, the trip is always a great reward for our team.

Annual Summer Trips

On top of this, if targets are hit, every summer sees VHR fly out for a holiday. This is a great way of rewarding all the hard work the team does, as well as giving people from different departments a chance to meet and relax. This helps builds morale, forge friendships, and is one of the highlights of the VHR calendar.

Annual Summer and Christmas Parties

While every company holds a Christmas party, VHR also holds a party in the summer, letting the team enjoy themselves in the sun. Usually dinner and drinks, this party is fun for the team who work hard all year long.

 7 Reasons To Work At VHR In 2019

Monthly Internal Events

Every month VHR holds some kind of event for the team. Different every month, these events have been dinner, go karting, bowling, barbeques, paintball, and others. A great way to build team spirit, these events are always fun and something for us to look forward to.

Flexible Working Hours

Last year VHR introduced a flexi-time initiative, which allows employees more control over their time. Now able to start at any time between eight and nine in the morning, the scheme helps our employees who have children, or have to commute in. It also gives them more freedom to attend gym classes at a time that’s better for them.

VHR is a fantastic place to work, show in its four and a half star rating on Glassdoor, and over 80% of our employees would recommend working here to a friend.

Learn more about what it’s like to work at VHR.

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