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Benefits Of RPO And Managed Services

  • by: Jenna Beard
  • On: 3, Apr 2019
3 min read

RPO, or Recruitment Process Outsourcing, is a way of streamlining your business by eliminating unnecessary tasks. Recruitment can be a long process, and if its not a priority, the level of quality coming into a business can suffer. RPO removes this issue, ensuring high quality candidates that are supplied by someone who understands your needs.

The solution RPO can provide go behind staffing, and can cover optimisation, quality control, screening, risk assessment, new hire care, and exit interviews. All these services can be combined into one complete suite that can be managed by that service provider, helping your business run smoothly.

Why Businesses Should Consider RPO:

Businesses that rely on the technical skills of their engineers and technicians can’t afford to settle for second best. Using an external service provider that specialises in your industry can relieve pressure on your team while delivering high quality candidates.

5 Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing:

  • Increased Efficiency

One of the main benefits of RPO is that it gives your HR team more time by eliminating one of their biggest tasks: recruitment. Using a single channel for all your recruitment frees up time for HR teams, and allows for a consistent pipeline of talent into your business.

RPO companies have databases with thousands of highly skilled candidates, allowing for high volume recruitment projects to be completed in months or even weeks.

  • Reduced Risk

Utilising RPO means that all recruitment is done through one channel. This allows for complete control, and complete transparency from your RPO partner. You can be as active in the process as you need, or allow the RPO provider to handle things with only occasionally progress reports.

What’s more, RPO provider’s should have compliance teams on hand to ensure that all immigration, data, and employment laws are being followed, further reducing the risk and freeing up time.

  • High Quality Recruitment Services

Recruitment is the main service an RPO provides. But is also helps to streamline that process, saving time and money while finding qualified candidates. Through interviews and screening, candidates can be evaluated in detailed, and matched to the needs of the project or team.

  • Long-Term Solutions

RPO doesn’t just solve one problem, it sets up a longer contingency for future recruitment needs. A dedicated account manager will understand the needs of your business, and what your business will be looking for as it moves forward.

Large-scale projects suddenly mean teams can go from being at capacity to being dramatically understaffed, or under-qualified. This means you can plan your workforce over time, opening up new possibilities with new roles and bigger teams.

  • Expertise

Many RPO providers specialise in a specific industry or area. They do this because it allows them to maintain a high level of quality thanks to their in-depth knowledge of their field, even when recruiting at high volume.

Using an RPO can be an efficient and cost-effective way to get qualified workers, and a host of other services that can help your business run smoothly.

Learn how recruitment can increase your staff retention, or learn how to use social media to more effectively market your business.

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