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How Formula One Is Using Social Media To Attract New Fans

  • by: Conor McKeon
  • On: 16, Jan 2019
2 min read

Formula One has enjoyed decades of being one of the world’s most popular sports, with millions of fans making up a diverse and passionate community. Over the last few years, this has been supported by social media, which is a great way for F1 fans to talk about the sport, read the latest news, and engage with drivers.

Over the last few years Formula One has been the fastest growing sport on social media, across all channels and metrics. Pictures, articles, and videos are all helping propel the sport to new levels of growth and engagement. And more importantly, it’s helping to attract new fans and keep old fans interested.

With new rivals breaking into the racing scene, it’s vital for F1 to maintain its status as the best motorsport, and social media is proving to be a powerful tool in the fight for dominance.

How Formula One Is Using Social Media

Thanks to social media, Formula One is enjoying new fans in countries it has previously not been able to break into, like India and the USA. By utilising social media, the sport can reach people it might never done otherwise, and allows for newcomers to gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of Formula One.

Formula One is one of the most dramatic, dynamic, and exciting sports, with truly breath-taking visuals. This translates into fantastic video content, whether through highlight reels or quick cuts of footage. This gives a short taste of the action, and is immensely shareable with fans commenting and predicting winners of upcoming races.

The official Formula One twitter account, as well as the various other profiles and accounts of its teams and racers all help build an international following of tens of millions, a strong network of die-hard fans and more casual viewers.

This makes the sport more accessible for people, brings it into their lives in a way that nothing else can. For all its faults, social media truly can bring people together and build communities, a fact that Formula One is exploiting to its full potential.

How Formula One’s Rivals Use Social Media

Both Formula E and the Roborace are utilising social media to grow their fledgling fanbases. This is vital for any growing sport, and Formula E is rapidly gaining fans thanks to its new technology and innovative design. Formula E utilises an interactive mechanic to increase interaction, where fans can vote for their favourite racer and give them a speed boost during the race. This naturally lends itself to generating content on social media, something which the sport is capitalising on with strong pushes for fan interaction.

The Roborace is a brand new concept, and is enjoying a strong social media presence due to its novelty and the large amount of hype around the cars. Posts about the specifications, or videos about the progress of the AI system draws large amounts of interest thanks to the futuristic concept of the sport.

It’s clear that social media is set to play a big part in our lives for years to come, and can be hubs of entertainment for fans of any sport. Formula One and other motorsports will continue to utilise social media to leverage their own brands.

Read more about how Formula One can remain the top motorsport, or learn more about how F1 can compete with the Roborace.

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