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5 Reasons To Live And Work In Cyprus

  • by: Michael Alderman
  • On: 14, Apr 2023
3 min read

With more and more businesses offering remote working, people are able to work from anywhere in the world. 

Beautiful islands and sunny locations are some of the top contenders for where people would like to work, so Cyprus is one of the most sought after places to move to, with almost a quarter of the population being made up of foreign immigrants.

Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea known for its natural beauty and climate. We’ll look at why you might want to live and work in Cyprus.

Why you should work in Cyprus

Low unemployment rate

Cyprus’ unemployment rate has steadily improved since 2020, being as low as 6.1% in January of 2023, which is lower than the average unemployment rate in the EU.

Cyprus is a hub for international business

Cyprus benefits from its key location, acting as a bridge to Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, it sits in a perfect time zone for truly global business, while also being an EU Member.

The corporate tax rate in Cyprus is 12.5%, making it a preferred location for international businesses. Many companies from the Middle East, USA, Europe, and even China have chosen Cyprus as their regional headquarters, or are expanding into the region.

The standard work week in Cyprus is 38 hours. This can of course vary per industry, but generally most people will work around 38-40 hours. This gives employees the opportunity to maintain a good work-life balance, which is important for mental health and overall work performance.

The climate and natural beauty of the island

Cyprus has an excellent climate, with long warm summers and short winters. Sunny days make up around 90% of the year, with it only raining consistently in winter.

Beautiful beaches, clean water, and wide open spaces make Cyprus a great holiday destination, but equally a fantastic place to live and work, with high levels of satisfaction and happiness among people who move there.

For those who like hiking, the island provides plenty of natural landscape, as well as beautiful mountains.

Because Cyprus isn’t as heavily populated as other major urban centres, the quality of the air is also generally much higher than elsewhere in the world.

The culture

Cyprus has a strong culture with a lot of interesting history. Prior to gaining its independence in 1960, the island was a British Colony for over 80 years, meaning many Cypriots speak English, even today.

Cyprus has a rich history which can be traced back thousands of years, and many cultures have shaped the island over time. There are ten Byzantine painted churches as well as the Tomb of Kings, a large necropolis which dates back to the 4th century BC. Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, the tomb is just one of the amazing sights you can enjoy on the island.

Low cost of living

Compared to many other European locations, the cost of living in Cyprus is low, meaning your money goes further and lasts longer. Rent prices are also low compared to most other European cities.

Basic utilities costs typically in the region of 100 euros a month, whilst the rent of a one room apartment in a city centre can cost around 500-700 euros on average.

Cyprus has a public transport system which links rural areas to all the cities across the island, used by many people to get around while still enjoying the sights. For those who love to commute by bike, some cities have a public bicycle sharing system, with bicycles found at stations that anyone can use.

 Public transport is reasonably priced, with a one-way ticket being around 2 euros on average. A monthly pass is around 40 euros on average, far cheaper than London or other cities in Europe, and will allow you to travel far and wide across the island.

Working in Cyprus is so popular as there are many career opportunities, largely due to low tax rates, which led to many international businesses having chosen to expand into the island. Many workers have followed, enjoying the great weather, culture, cuisine, and other opportunities the island has to offer.

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