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5 Best Remote Engineering Roles

  • by: Norma Dysangco
  • On: 23, Nov 2022
3 min read

Remote working has become one of the most attractive elements of any job over the last two years. Being able to better manage your work life balance is a huge benefit, and for many people this one perk is more important than their salary.

When it comes to engineering, many professionals believe that their jobs cannot be done remotely, as they’re needed on site and work in a team. But over the last two years it's been proven that many engineers can in fact work remotely. Now that lockdown is over, many companies are bringing their employees back to the office, or to project sites, but there are many engineering roles you can still do remotely, allowing you better control over your life, time, and career.

Engineering jobs you can do from home

Software Engineer

Software engineers build much of the technology we use every day, and play an important role in ensuring things run smoothly. If your tech company doesn’t have enough engineers to maintain everything, you don’t have a product, as at least one major tech company has found out recently.

Software engineers, sometimes called software developers, create software for programs and applications. Software engineers are often analytical thinkers and problem solvers. They improve the design of programs, and troubleshoot issues, making their product easier to use.

The average software engineer’s salary in the UK is over £45,000. Depending on what you study and what experience you gain, the role of software engineer can be a fantastic first step in a career which can lead to many other areas of engineering, many of which are also on this list of remote engineering opportunities.

Mobile Developer

 Mobile is only becoming more important, as we all want to be able to use everything on the go. Mobile devices are being used for a higher and higher proportion of internet usage compared to desktop computers, so if a website doesn’t have a mobile app, it’s essentially losing users. It’s for this reason that mobile and app developers are in such high demand.  

Entry level mobile developer positions in the UK start at over £30,000, the average salary is over £45,000, and the most experienced developers can earn up to £65,000.

Cloud Operations Engineer

As the pandemic forced us to work remotely, cloud solutions became vital overnight.

 Cloud operations engineers maintain and improve cloud-based systems. They work with a variety of different technologies, including servers, storage, and networking equipment, so gain a lot of experience working in different areas.

 Cloud Engineers ensure that all of these different elements are working together properly to provide reliable service to customers all over the world.

The average salary in the UK for a cloud operations engineer is over £50,000.

Engineering Project Manager

It will come as no surprise that engineering project managers plan and manage engineering projects, making sure they are completed on time and within budget.

Engineering expertise is vital in this area, as only managers who understand the demands of the project can manage it effectively. The manager needs to understand what the client wants to achieve, or what the goal of the project is, what the timescale, resources, and budget are, and then of course to lead the team throughout the project.

 The average salary for an engineering project manager in the UK is over £50,000. 

Technical Consultant

For engineers with a lot of experience, consulting can be a lucrative option for their careers.

Consultants are hired for their expertise, helping shape the overall direction of a company, product, or project.

 Technical consultants provide organisations with the support they need to operate more efficiently, effectively, or securely.

 They may implement hardware and software solutions, or upgrade and improve existing systems.

 They will often liaise with managers and various departments, or consult with users to gather feedback about how the performance is or isn’t meeting their needs.

 The average salary for senior technical consultants in the UK is over £60,000, with some being able to earn as much as £90,000.

Engineering roles are no longer on-site only. If working remotely is a major priority for you, you can absolutely have a career as an engineer where you work from home.

Read more about the best engineering jobs for the future, or learn how to explain a gap in your CV.

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