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Why You Should Work In The Dutch Marine Industry

Posted by Julia Sanchez on Apr 11, 2019 3:46:59 PM
Julia Sanchez

The Dutch marine industry has improved drastically in the last few years, due to several positive changes. Currently, there are more than 2000 companies work in the marine industry. But even with such good progression, it’s still complicated for marine companies to find personnel to join their teams. The problem remains in a simple fact: offer is larger than demand. The amount of vacancies was around 264,000 at the end of last year.  

How is this possible? Well, the main reason is that people working in the marine industry just aren’t aware of the opportunities in the Netherlands.  

Marine Engineering In The Netherlands

There are numerous advantages to working in the Netherlands for shipbuilders, carpenters, marine engineers or other maritime, offshore and energy sector workers, no matter where they’re from.

3 Benefits Of Working in The Dutch Marine Industry:


Great Opportunities And Better Conditions

The maritime sector in Holland is enjoying a boom right now. In 2017, the sector began to rise from a slump, and is still growing day by day now, and is operating Europe’s largest inland shipping fleet. The Netherlands has one of the strongest maritime clusters in the world. The magnitude of the Port of Rotterdam (Europe’s largest port) and the Amsterdam Port allows for established marine companies to operate efficiently, and for start-ups to gain experience and establish themselves as serious competitors.

Also, Dutch authorities and the private sector are promoting a lot of different technology implementations and investing in the application of renewable energies, advocating for a bright future for the maritime sector, and the Netherlands as a whole.

Top Marine Industry Companies

The Netherlands have some of the largest yacht companies in the world. Oceanco, for example, is considered one of the most luxurious and exclusive superyacht project management companies in the world. Their largest yacht “Jubilee” is one of the biggest built in the country. They work with award-winning designers and utilise cutting-edge technology to make the most futuristic superyachts.

Another business making waves in the marine sector is Amels, property of Damen, founded in 1918, and owns the largest and most high-tech shipyard in the country.

There are plenty of shipbuilding companies in the Netherlands, such as Royal Huisman, Hakvoort, Heesen, and Van der Valk. There are also smaller businesses that may be younger engineers’ best opportunity to start growing in the industry.

Sustainability and Technology

The Netherlands is one of the European countries pushing for more environmentally friendly policies, especially in the Marine industry. It’s important to understand that there is a necessity to protect our planet in order to secure a future in this or any other industry, and a lot of these changes care only possible because of the application of new marine technology.

Van Oord, an important international marine contractor company founded in the Netherlands, has developed their S.E.A programme (Sustainable Earth Actions) that shows their commitment to sustainable operations through accelerating initiatives that fight climate change, helping businesses take up sustainable fuel sources, or empowering communities to make positive long-term changes.  

As they said: “This is built on the sustainability issues found to be the most relevant for our company and stakeholders, and in which Van Oord has the greatest impact.”

The marine industry is vital to world trade, and will have a huge impact on the quality of life we can expect over the next few decades. Working in the Dutch Marine industry will put you at the forefront of the European engineering sector, as well as giving you experience into a growing industry.

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