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Why You Should Consider A Career In Computer Security

  • by: Jennifer Herve Samba
  • On: 14, Mar 2022
6 min read

Many factors go into deciding what industry to work in: salary, security, and satisfaction are just some of the most important elements to consider. Cyber security has them all and is one of the most attractive career fields for people looking for a job that utilizes technical knowledge, lateral thinking, and problem-solving skills.  

It also lets you make a real impact and help keep people safe from cybercrime. Perhaps most importantly, there’s never been a better time to get started in cyber security.   

Whether you’re thinking about what industry to start working in, or you’re considering a change of career, cyber security could be the right move for you. 

Why computer security is a good industry to work in 

Computer security offers a good salary 

For many people salary isn’t the most important aspect of a job, but it’s always something that needs to be considered. Cyber security always offers a good salary no matter where you work. 

Given that computer skills require specialist education and training, the base salary for working in computer security is higher than average, usually between £25,000 and £35,000 depending on the size of the company, and this will rise as you gain experience and build a name for yourself in the field.  

The national average salary for someone working in cyber security is £44,000, and those that make it to the top of the industry can earn well over £100,000 annually.  

It’s predicted that as competition becomes fiercer for top-level security experts, and threats become more sophisticated, the salary will also increase, so now is a great time to get into the cyber security industry if money is a motivator for you.  

Good job security 

Besides salary, the security of a job is always worth considering. Luckily, cyber security has great job security.  

Cybercrime is rising year on year and spiked dramatically during the pandemic. While this is bad news for businesses, it’s great news for cyber security specialists, ensuring they’re always in demand.   

Some estimates claim the number of cybersecurity experts would need to more than double to meet the growing demands of the industry. Given that every business, no matter what industry they work in, has a digital element, every business is now at risk from some kind of cybercrime. This means that cyber security analysts will always be in demand.  

At times, cybersecurity has had a zero percent unemployment rate, so it’s an incredibly safe field to get started in if you want job security.  

Career flexibility 

If you progress in cyber security you could work with some of the biggest companies in the world, and there will always be positions open if you feel like changing who you work for. 

Of course, one of the benefits of a career in cyber security is that you don’t necessarily have to stay at one company, you could freelance. Once you’ve established yourself as an expert, you could consult for multiple different companies, having an impact on the wider cyber security landscape.  

There are also different areas of security you could specialize in or move between throughout your career. Mobile security, blockchain, data recovery, there are many different elements of cyber security to understand and develop.  

One of the main benefits of working in cyber security is that no two days will be the same. As the threats firms face are evolving all the time, there'll always be something new to learn and new issues to deal with, making the job dynamic, challenging, and rewarding.  

79% of cybersecurity professionals agree that they are happy with their career choice, so it’s a great industry to get involved in.  

Read more about why cybersecurity is critical with offices reopening or learn about cybersecurity trends and predictions for 2022. 

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