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What It’s Like To Work In Poland

  • by: Ian Preddy
  • On: 9, Aug 2019
2 min read

More and more workers are looking to move to Poland. One of the largest economies in Europe, the country has enjoyed growth over the last decade and is now home to international businesses looking to attract the best talent.

If you’re thinking of working in Poland, here are just some of the reasons to make the move.

Reasons to Work In Poland:

Overall, the average salary in Poland is rising, and the cost of living is staying low. Thanks to an influx of large businesses, wages have risen, and the cost of accommodation is relatively low even in the capital, making it very attractive for skilled workers.

It’s one of the largest shared service centres in Europe, so multilingual workers are in high demand: if you speak French, German, Finnish, Norwegian, or Swedish this will increase your chances of finding work.

Poland’s economy experienced strong growth between 2012-2017, well above the EU average. This translated into lower overall unemployment.

There is good and cheap public transport in all cities, with links to other towns around the country.

Like many European countries, it has great transport links to other countries, allowing you to easily visit other parts of the world on a weekend.

Polish Culture

Poland has a long history, with deep cultural traditions. There are many national holidays and celebrations, which everyone in the country takes part in.

The cities are modern, with vibrant nightlife and entertainment events.

There is public healthcare, but there are also private health insurance schemes that are relatively cheap and deliver a high standard of care.

Poland is one of the safest countries in the EU, and is one of the safest countries on the planet.

It’s advisable to learn at least basic Polish before arriving, as the majority of the citizens and businesses use Polish. The language is difficult to master, but showing an attempt to learn it will earn you respect from the locals.

Around 30% of Poland is made up of forests, making it a fantastic place for anyone who likes the outdoors. There are also mountains, lakes, and historical sites for you to explore.

How To Work In Poland

Since Poland is in the EU, EU citizens and members of the European Economic Area do not need a work permit to work in the country.

Otherwise, you’ll have to apply for a visa before you can legally work in Poland. You will then also need a work permit, which can only be secured for you by your employer. This work permit is only valid for the company and position you will have. If you change jobs, you’ll need your new employer to get a new work permit for you. For the permit to be valid you must have a signed employment contract with the business that is employing you.

When applying for jobs and trying to get a work permit, there are some general rules you should try to follow:

  • Don’t give anyone your passport

  • Get a copy of your work permit

  • If you’re using a recruitment agency to find work, make sure they are handling all your documentation properly

Keep these in mind when looking for work in Poland, and you can enjoy a long career in one of the best countries in Europe.

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