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5 Reasons to Work in Mexico

Posted by Amandine Foucher on Mar 15, 2019 11:20:53 AM 1552648853502

Looking for a new job? Here’s are VHR’s top 5 reasons to work in Mexico.

Why You Should Work In Mexico:

1. Lower Cost of Living

Working in Mexico may mean receiving a lower salary than in your home country, but the cost of living is also a lot cheaper. Even though your pay packet may be smaller, your purchasing power is a lot higher than the one you have in your current country. This means a comfortable lifestyle with the freedom to explore many activities and places in your spare time.

2. Work Opportunities

In Mexico you’ll be seen differently. Owning a diploma from an international University or skills from working in a different country will distinguish you immediately, and that way you’ll benefit from great opportunities that you may not have access to in your home country. Mexico is an emerging country with a solid growth. The economy needs qualified workers and the country appreciates the skills, knowledge and experience brought in from around the globe.

3. Mexican Gastronomy

Mexican food is a lot more various than you can imagine: Mexican gastronomy was actually included at UNESCO in 2010.

Basic elements of Mexican food are corn, beans, avocado and tomatoes. In every plate you’ll find a spicy sauce. Mexicans also eat a lot of meat, so you’ll have a variety of food to choose from.

4. Easy to Fit In

Mexican people are known for being polite, kind and very interested in different cultures. The simple fact of being a foreigner will attract to you Mexican’s sympathy.If you try to get to know their culture as well, they will be pleased and more than happy to help you discover their culture.

5. Rich Culture

Mexico has a long, rich history and a living culture. From ancient Mayan and Aztec ruins to regional dances to fiestas in the town next door, Mexico’s colourful culture is on display wherever you go.

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