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White Paper: How to Get More Women into Engineering

  • by: Sunette Van Aarde
  • On: 29, Feb 2024
2 min read

How can we attract the female engineers needed to advance the engineering industry?

VHR are delighted to present our research white paper on How to Get More Women into Engineering.

The white paper features the experiences of Gemma Hatton, Deputy Editor of Race car Engineering magazine and former Formula 1 Trackside Tyre Engineer at Pirelli and Manor Racing, and the expertise of VHR's Engineering Specialist Howard Wiley.

Download the free white paper here.How to Get More Women into Engineering White Paper

Since 2022, up to 85% of engineering enterprises have observed the significant repercussions of skill shortages. Following the onset of the pandemic in the same year, over 200,000 construction engineers have exited the sector.

With the current lack of women in engineering roles, combined with a recent McKinsey report revealing that gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform their competitors, engineering leaders can solve skills shortages and achieve business growth by attracting and retaining female engineers.

Specifically designed to help engineering leaders attract more talent into the industry, the white paper on How to Get More Women into Engineering covers research and analysis of the following topics:

  • How Engineering Companies Can Get More Women into Engineering

  • Shortage of Women in Engineering – Is it Really that Bad?

  • Why Should We Care about Getting Women into Engineering?

  • What’s it Like Being a Female Engineer?

  • Shortage of Women in Engineering Roles: The Reason

  • The Solution to the Engineering Skills Shortage

Download the How to Get More Women into Engineering white paper here.

Find out more about the Shortage of Women in Engineering and the UK Engineering Skills Shortage.

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