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5 Reasons to Live and Work in the Philippines

  • by: James Boyce
  • On: 7, Nov 2023
3 min read

Famous for its beaches, tropical climate, and friendly people, the Philippines is clearly a beautiful place to live, but is also a good place to work.

The local government is encouraging international investment, supporting businesses to set up or outsource work there, which likewise attracts many workers, leading to a strong economy for the region.

A country made of over 7,000 islands, the Philippines has a diverse population, a fascinating history, and much to offer anyone looking to develop their career while being able to enjoy a beautiful home.

Why you should work in the Philippines

Growing Economic Strength

The Philippines is an emerging economy, meaning growth is a focus for almost every industry. Businesses are scaling up, construction projects are being greenlit, and engineers are building the infrastructure to help support a stronger economy at a new scale compared to fifty years ago.

The country boasts a strong industrial sector, particularly in manufacturing of electronics and technology components. It is also rich in natural resources, with reserves of chromite, nickel, and copper that contribute to its strength as an electronics manufacturer. This in turn makes a good place for engineers looking to develop their skills.

International companies are beginning to outsource or open offices in the Philippines, as it can be seen as a gateway to Asia, and new markets and opportunities.

Many workers are looking to take advantage and work somewhere new, while still gaining valuable experience they could take anywhere in the world.

Government Support

The government of the Philippines is supporting foreign investment by encouraging expats from around the world to live and work there.

Over the coming years, the Philippines’ economy is forecast to grow by 4% or more annually.

International Workforce

Because of the growing economy, and the government support, there is a sizable amount of international workers in the Philippines. English is well-spoken, so you should be able to speak to many people.

By working in the Philippines, you could make new friends and grow your professional network around the world.

Work Culture

There is a strong work culture in the Philippines, with workers getting a sense of pride from their jobs. Workers often form close relationships with each other, with many long-term friendships formed from working together.

Additional Month’s Pay

Lastly, one of the best things about working in the Philippines is that everyone is paid an extra month’s salary every year.

What to Know About the Business Culture in the Philippines

Business is Personal

In the Philippines, business is focused on personal relationships, and trust plays a key role. A personal introduction through a friend or business associate can help you establish a strong relationship with whoever you’re meeting.

Status is Important

Business in the Philippines is often orientated around status, and the use of formal titles is a crucial way of showing respect to partners and colleagues. There may be very rigid and formal hierarchies, even reflected in where people can sit in meetings.

Etiquette Tips for Working in the Philippines

If you’re thinking of working in the Philippines, there are some general tips which may help you forge relationships and succeed.

Prolonged eye contact can be considered rude, so don’t stare.

Politeness is important: speak with your colleagues before and after meetings, return waves and smiles, and don’t interrupt anyone when they’re speaking.

The Philippines has many opportunities for anyone looking to develop their skills, and also offers amazing locations, friendly colleagues, and a growing economy.

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