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The Urgency of Developing Green Fuel

  • by: Iulia Mihalache
  • On: 22, Apr 2024
3 min read

The development and implementation of green energy is one of the most pressing concerns we have as a global civilisation. Without it, we will struggle to ensure environmental conditions won’t rapidly deteriorate, causing widespread damage and loss of life. 

It’s well known that fossil fuels create pollution when they are used, and with CO2 levels climbing every year, we’re already seeing dramatic weather events, heatwaves, and storms being driven by climate change brought on by the use of fossil fuels. Luckily, we have viable alternatives in wind and solar energy.

While these green energy systems have existed for decades, the uptake is still relatively small when compared with traditional fossil fuel use. We need renewable energy to become the global standard as soon as possible, not just for environmental reasons, but also societal ones.

As the name suggests, renewable energy is so important as the energy sources that power it will not run out. Fossil fuels are a finite resource, meaning that one day we will run out of coal, oil, and natural gas. Unless our energy systems are switched to renewables, vast amounts of the population will one day be left without any energy, as we’re already seeing today.

We’ve outlined below several reasons why we should be developing and utilising green energy.

Why developing green fuel is so important

Renewable energy is the best way to stop climate change

 The extraction, transport, and use of fossil fuels is the single biggest contributor to our overall levels of pollution as a global species.

Utilising solar and wind power, we won’t need to expend energy extracting oil or coal or natural gas. Mining and extracting these resources is incredibly labour intensive, requiring energy be used just to extract more fuel. We also won’t be risking oil spills or pollution leaking into the environment during the extraction or refining process.

When it comes to the pollution generated by burning fossil fuels, the key element is the carbon inside them. When burned, this creates carbon dioxide, a major factor in the warming of the planet. In contrast, there is no pollution given off by green energy.

We also need to create green fuel for cars, planes, and boats. We’ve seen huge leaps in electric car technology over the last decade, but we need more widespread availability of charging stations around the world if electric cars are to become viable for everyone.

If we pivot to a green energy civilisation, we will drastically reduce the rate at which climate change is occurring, giving the environment a better chance to stabilise.

Renewable energy will unlock a new green economy

If we as a society move away from traditional fossil fuels, and all the infrastructure that entails, we will require an equally dramatic shift to a new green economy.

Workers and engineers will need to be trained or up-skilled in new technology, and given the massive scale and speed at which we will need to pivot our energy infrastructure, there will be many new jobs available.

It’s not just the generation, but also the storage of energy that will create jobs.

Renewable energy will increase energy security

Given the energy crisis, it’s clear that our current methods of sourcing energy aren’t fit for purpose. Importing energy from other countries leaves us vulnerable to political, economic, or military tension, leaving us without enough energy, or forced to pay extortionate prices for it.

Solar and wind power would allow us to be fully in charge of our own energy production, meaning we’d never have to rely on foreign countries for our energy. As these technologies become more efficient, and additional investment in energy storage is made, we would eventually have a surplus of energy that could be sold to other countries. Green energy can help end energy scarcity around the world, meaning blackouts would be a thing of the past.

It’s clear that we need to change how our society operates if we’re to stop the climate changing irreversibly. Renewable energy is perhaps the best way for us to be able to continue living as we are now, but with a massive reduction in overall pollution levels. As the technology involved becomes more efficient, and the need for change becomes even more apparent, hopefully renewable energy will come to play a bigger part in all of our lives, helping us create a healthier environment.

Read more about renewable energy, or learn about strategies for sustainable aviation.

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