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7 Reasons to Work in the Marine Industry

  • by: Conor McKeon
  • On: 15, May 2018
3 min read

Looking for adventure? Want a challenging career? A job in the Marine industry could be the start of a new and exciting career change.

Why You should Work As A Marine Engineer:

7. Fast Career Progression

Working in the Marine industry offers considerable responsibility right from the start of your career. Whatever your skillset and experience, Marine Engineers and Marine Technicians are directly responsible for building a safe vessel that can carry hundreds of people every year, and sailors are responsible for the lives of their colleagues for every second on the water. The intricate details of boat building, stringent safety standards and fast-paced work equip those working in the Marine industry with a wealth of skills that are constantly developing.

6. Long Holidays

Longer holidays and generous leave allowances are two of the best reasons to work in the Marine industry. Being away from home for long periods at a time is balanced with flexibility and extended periods of holiday time for family and friends.

5. Become Part of Something Important

A vital part of the global economy, the Marine industry is responsible for carrying over 90% of the world’s trade – without sea transport, the world economy would collapse. Joining the Marine industry means becoming part a bigger picture, not only of building boats and driving the passion of superyacht races, but in supporting economies, businesses and people all over the world.

The Marine industry is also paving the way for ethical industry practices and environmental responsibility of businesses and economies. Since September 2017 Sailors Helping delivers humanitarian aid to those devastated by hurricanes and natural disasters, this year’s Volvo Ocean Race Team Turn the Tide on Plastic highlights Marine industry sustainability and The Maiden Factor aims to increase awareness of gender equality and give women greater access and quality of education globally.

4. High Salaries

On average the Marine industry sees wages higher than similar professions ashore. With Marine Engineers and Marine Technicians often requested for urgent and short-term work, those working in Marine can receive a significant amount of overtime pay. Wages are often tax free across many countries, with the guarantee of a comfortable standard of living one of the best reasons to work in the Marine industry.

3. Unique Working Experience

Bored of working in an office? Jobs in the Marine industry provide the opportunity to work in a unique and ever-changing environment. Joining the Marine industry means working with people from a variety of different nationalities and enjoying exciting experiences not offered by any other career.

2. Transferable Skills

The ability to prepare you for a wealth of different jobs across other industries is one of the best reasons to work in the Marine industry. Qualifications and experience gained by working in Marine jobs are often transferable to other industries, and Engineers with no previous experience in the Marine industry can often easily find Engineering jobs in Marine due to similar skill sets and job requirements. After your experience offshore, Marine Engineers can enjoy opportunities in thousands of shore-based management jobs.

1. Travel Across the World

Although contemporary ships spend less time in port than throughout history, a career in the Marine industry provides the opportunity to travel almost anywhere in the world. Marine jobs enable Engineers, Technicians and Senior Executives to discover a variety of cultures and experiences by living and working in new and exciting locations around the world. Marine jobs that take you from the UK’s South Coast to Spain, Finland and New Zealand in just a few months represent the top of the best reasons to work in the Marine industry.

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