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VHR Leading Fair Labour Alliance

  • by: Jennifer Robinson
  • On: 3, Jun 2019
2 min read

VHR are proud to announce the launch of the Fair Labour Alliance.

The Fair Labour Alliance (FLA)is a new initiative serving to promote ethical recruitment and labour practices across the world.

The FLA aims to benefit business leaders, workers and the global economy by setting industry standards and best practices for ethical recruitment. From June 2019, an exclusive group of pioneering business leaders, government departments and international organisations are working through the FLA to help companies create efficient and sustainable labour supply chains.

VHR is a Founding Partner of the FLA, which is also supported the UK Department for International Development, King’s College London and FSI Worldwide.

Why is Ethical Labour Important?

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) estimates that 40.3 million people worldwide are currently working under modern slavery practices, with 24.9 million people working in forced labour.

In addition to providing the best possible worker care, ethical labour practices are proven to improve worker efficiency, production quality and staff retention. Businesses with unethical recruitment practices face significant fines and possible prosecution under UK, European and US laws.

How to Implement Fair Labour Processes

Although governments across continents have introduced measures to tackle labour exploitation and abuse, many business leaders across the globe lack the tools and support to improve recruitment and supply chain practices.

The FLA aims to increase awareness about labour practices, advise businesses about how to implement ethical recruitment, and protect workers from being exploited.

The FLA will provide business leaders with:

· Practical Expert Advice – How to introduce successful fair labour practices

· Case Studies – How world-leading companies are benefiting from ethical recruitment

· Best Practice Project Plans – practical support to help build fair labour processes

· Network Connections – attendance at exclusive events to share recruitment and labour challenges and solutions

VHR Supporting Ethical Working Practices

Recruiting and onboarding thousands of contract staff globally every year, VHR strives to improve the working lives of our contractors. Because we prominently support ethical recruitment practices, our services incorporate the Dhaka Principles to provide high quality accommodation and protection from mistreatment, and working relationships are built on communication and respect.

VHR’s Divisional Director of Middle East Recruitment, Adrian Mansfield comments, ‘Supporting the FLA further demonstrates VHR’s status as an ethical recruitment agency. We are delighted to announce our part in leading ethical labour practices for the benefit of businesses and workers around the world, and look forward to driving business success and worker welfare.’

Find out how to join the FLA and embrace the employment model of the future.

Find out how ethical recruitment processes increase productivity, brand value and business profit.

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