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VHR's Quarterly Growth – Meet our new Team Members!

  • by: Charlotte Robinson
  • On: 3, Oct 2023
7 min read

As we near the end of 2023, we'd like to shine a spotlight on our latest additions to the VHR team.

Get to know our team by joining us for an exclusive glimpse into the backgrounds of our new employees, as well as our ambitious plans for VHR's growth and our objectives for the year 2023/24.

New Starters in the London Office

Allana Roucou – Recruitment & HR Manager

Allana FInal (2)

Allana, raised in London, boasts a comprehensive professional background. During her time in Dubai, which spanned two and a half years, she developed her skills as a recruiter, accumulating valuable expertise in the field. Expanding her proficiency, she assumed the responsibility of overseeing multiple international campus teams and internal roles.

In 2018, Allana earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the University of Leicester, wanting to further expand her qualifications Allana achieved a certification in Mental Health First Aid. Presently, Allana works closely with Ian Preddy, VHR’s Director of Operations, to execute a comprehensive recruitment and onboarding strategy aimed at securing top-tier talent for our organisation. Additionally, she actively engages with every department and individual, ensuring everyone is following the HR standards across all aspects of VHR's operations.

Andreea Bobilca – Principal Account Manager

Andreea NEW (1)

Andreea, a native of Romania, relocated to the United Kingdom in 2015 to pursue her studies in literature. Her dedication to dynamic and challenging work environments led her to secure a position at the fashion retailer, Guess. Throughout her time at Guess, Andreea worked her way up within the business, ultimately attaining a role in which she oversaw a team of 20. Focusing on her leadership and project management skills, Andreea transitioned seamlessly into the realm of recruitment, specialising in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region.

Upon joining VHR, Andreea demonstrated her remarkable initiative, quickly becoming an invaluable member of the team. Working under the supervision of Rebecca Fagan and Iulia Mihalache within the Delivery Team, Andreea not only earned a well-deserved promotion but also established herself as an integral part of the recruitment division.

Debora Bezedea – Account Support Manager

Debora Edit

Prior to moving to London, Debora had studied and  achieved a master's degree in accounting and information technology in 2005 in Romania.

After moving to the UK, Debora embarked on her career in the retail sector, working her way through the organisation to become Assistant Manager, a position she held for a period of four years. Drawing upon the valuable skills she learnt in her previous roles, Debora subsequently embarked on a different path, transitioning into the field of recruitment. She now serves as an integral member of the Business Development Recruitment Team, operating under the management of Michael Alderman. Within this role, Debora operates in close collaboration with candidates, meticulously matching them with roles that align with their skills and aspirations. Her commitment extends beyond the placement process, as she remains dedicated to ensuring her candidates have settled into both their accommodations and roles and are working to the clients targets.

Luminita Panaite – Credit & Cost Control Executive

Luminita Edit

Luminita started at VHR in April, assuming the role of Credit and Cost Control Executive. Having undertaken a relocation from Romania to the United Kingdom, Luminita garnered extensive experience in the recruitment sector, serving both local and international enterprises over a six-year period. Her decision to join VHR was driven by a desire to further harness her expertise in this field.

Within her capacity, Luminita collaborates closely with VHR's Chief Operating Officer, Paul Robinson, to diligently oversee the timely and proper receipt of payments from clients, employing meticulous methods and channels to ensure financial transactions are executed smoothly and efficiently.

Sasha Nikolenko – Finance and Operations Assistant


Sasha, who commenced employment in May, has undergone a relocation from Ukraine to join the VHR team. During his time in Ukraine, Sasha focused on his sales expertise through a decade of dedicated service in his prior role. Leveraging the skill set acquired from his previous position, Sasha now serves as VHR's Finance and Operations Assistant. In this role, he oversees critical functions encompassing office operations, internal software security measures, and financial administrative responsibilities. Sasha reports directly to Angela Nikolenko, our Financial Controller at VHR.

Bianca Corb – Account Support Manager

bianca edited

Bianca was welcomed to the role of Account Support Manager in June, bringing her valuable expertise to our team. Prior to joining VHR, Bianca had a successful career as a contract consultant in the data analytics recruitment sector. Her extensive experience in this field eventually led her to become an integral part of VHR's red team, where she serves as an Account Support Manager under the guidance of Divisional Director of Engineering and Technical, Conor McKeon. In her role, Bianca focuses on recruiting professionals in the Aviation and Automotive industries to meet the increasing staffing requirements of our valued clients.

Mohamed Abarou – Finance Assistant

Mohamed (1)

In August, Mohamed became a valued member of the VHR team, bringing with him a rich background in management.

Mohamed holds a bachelor's degree in biomedical maintenance from Mohammed V University in Morocco, complemented by a master's degree in business with Entrepreneurship from Northumbria University. His academic achievements demonstrate his commitment to professional growth and excellence.

Within the VHR organisation, Mohamed has assumed the role of Finance Assistant, where he will play a crucial role in facilitating both internal and external financial transactions. In this capacity, he will report directly to Manju George, VHR's Finance Manager, contributing to the efficient operation of our finance department.

Matthew Wise – Technology Project Manager


Matthew has become the newest addition to our London office. Possessing an extensive background of 8 years in coordinating and supporting recruitment models, Matthew made a pivotal shift in his career towards technology projects in 2022.

His induction into VHR is aimed at assuming a critical role in overseeing ongoing technology projects and facilitating the seamless transition to new technological initiatives in the upcoming months. Matthew will report directly to Ian Preddy, VHR's Director of Operations.

New Starters in the UAE Office

Hina Khan – On-Site Coordinator

Hina (1)

Hina, originally hailing from Karachi, Pakistan, has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to her career development as an Immigration Consultant. Commencing her career as an Immigration Consultant in 2008, Hina has since accrued an impressive 15-year track record, predominantly specializing in the field of Human Resource Management. 

VHR proudly welcomes Hina as our On-Site Coordinator, based in the UAE. In her capacity as On-Site Coordinator, Hina serves as the primary liaison between our client and our contracted workforce, effectively functioning as an extension of our Human Resources department. Her role is pivotal in ensuring seamless coordination and communication, directly reporting to Jenna Beard, VHR's Director in the Middle East.

Leen Abu Hamra – Finance Assistant

MicrosoftTeams-image (43)

After the successful completion of her Accounting degree, Leen embarked on her career at Abu Dhabi University, where she assumed the role of a research assistant specializing in data analysis, data editing, and data filtering. This experience endowed her with invaluable skills, ultimately paving the way for her appointment as an Accountant at a prestigious aviation firm.

In May 2023, Leen joined VHR as a Finance Assistant, becoming an integral part of the internal Finance team under the leadership of Manju George. In her capacity at VHR, Leen assumes responsibility for managing payments and financial matters on behalf of one of VHR's prominent clients.

The Future for VHR

VHR have big plans and as we embark on an ambitious growth journey as we plan to fully incorporate in the Philippines and Saudi Arabia with offices in both countries. Our strategic vision involves a significant increase in our workforce, with plans to grow from our current 50 staff members to a robust team of 75 in the next few years.

To achieve this, we are actively working on strengthening our capabilities by expanding our specialised automotive-focused recruitment team. Additionally, our commitment to growth extends to our Manchester office, where we are in the process of recruiting talented and dedicated recruitment consultants to drive our operations.

Furthermore, we are actively seeking senior finance staff members to join our dynamic team. With these initiatives, we are poised for a future of expanded reach, enhanced services, and sustained success.

Looking for a career in recruitment? Join the VHR team!
Did you know that VHR are up for 11 industry awards next month?

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