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VHR’s Business Continuity Through Covid-19

  • by: Danny Brooks
  • On: 15, Jul 2020
1 min read

Since the coronavirus pandemic took hold at the beginning of 2020, VHR’s team have been navigating our way through the situation as it progresses around the world.

Adapting to the Needs of Our Clients

Thousands of businesses, from SMEs to large global companies, have adapted to the shifted their ways of working significantly by restructuring their organisations according to customer and market needs.

In the past few months, VHR have been reviewing our existing systems and processes, whilst communicating closely with our clients, to find out how we can best support their workforce and their needs for contract and permanent staff.

As we continue to deliver efficient, ethical and legally compliant recruitment services, we have restructured internally to remain agile and flexible. Reorganising our internal teams means that whether our client organisations are experiencing delays to projects, maintaining business as usual or fast expanding to meet increased and urgent demand, VHR can work with our clients to create bespoke short-term and long-term staffing solutions.

Our specialist recruitment consultants remain on hand to help with existing or future projects – get in touch for support tailored to your business needs.

Protecting Candidates

Since February 2020, ahead of most European and global lockdowns, VHR have provided regular guidance and communication to our candidates on best practice workplace hygiene, access to healthcare whilst working overseas and ho to protect their health and safety whilst at work.

Our in-country teams have been adapting to lockdown restrictions around the world to ensure our expat and migrant workers are all working in safe conditions. We have helped candidates to access PPE, safely transported candidates to and from essential work sites and maintain accommodation and visas in the event of disruption to their contracts.

VHR are continuing to recruit globally across sectors – find your latest technical job.

Keeping Workplaces Safe for All

With 17 years’ experience providing bespoke recruitment and workforce management solutions, VHR have responded to the urgent need for worker protection by providing workplace social distancing equipment.

The versatile social distancing equipment is suitable for use in airports, retail spaces, construction sites, factories, offices and call centres.

Is your workforce going back to work? Find out how to protect and support them.

Discover How Airlines are Getting Back to Business After Covid-19.


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