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#IlookLikeAnEngineer - VHR supports women in engineering

  • by: Jennifer Robinson
  • On: 2, Sep 2015
1 min read
Last month, a controversial twitter campaign caused a stir in the world of social media: A 22-year-old software engineer, Isis Anchalee Wenger, appeared in an ad for her company and people believed she was too pretty to be a real engineer. After this, Wenger posted a photo of herself on Twitter with the hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer to start a campaign against gender stereotypes. Since then, female engineers of all sectors have joined in the campaign, posting selfies of themselves with the hashtag.
The UK has the lowest proportion of female engineers in the European Union, less than one in ten engineering professionals is a woman. Not only the Twitter campaign brought the issue to public attention lately; the Faculty of Engineering of Imperial College London took a proactive step to tackle this issue by running an Engineering Summer School for 11-14 year old girls and members of the University of Sheffield Women in Engineering. Student Society recently published a children’s book to provide children and parents with an informative and entertaining representation of women in the sector.
"Here at VHR, we believe it is also the task of companies to achieve lasting change on gender diversity. " VHR contributes in two ways:
  • We support women in engineering finding a job in the area. Research shows that businesses with greater diversity among their boards and teams will have a bottom-line benefit. We illustrate these facts to our clients encouraging them to give women in engineering a career opportunity. Just recently, we helped a female aeronautical engineer with seven years work experience to get a placement at a well-known global airline company.
  • We actively promote gender equality within our own company. VHR continuously works to create and maintain an environment that enables women and men to balance family with a fulfilling career. This includes giving the additional support necessary for them returning to the workplace, whether after maternity leave or a career break, to develop their potential and ensure that they can find their place again.
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