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VHR Is Going To Autosport International 2019

Posted by James Plant on Jan 3, 2019 9:39:19 AM
James Plant
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Autosport International is one of the biggest events in the automotive calendar. Taking place in Birmingham across four days, with three events that cover the whole spectrum of the automotive world, it’s a highlight for anyone who wants to know more about cars, how they work, and the automotive industry.

VHR attending autosport international

VHR Technical Recruitment will be attending cross all four days to learn everything there is to know about upcoming automotive industry developments.


Developments in Automotive Engineering

Automotive technology is developing all the time, with new materials and designs allowing for greater speed, precision, and control. The best upcoming technology will be featured at the show, setting the standard for the industry.

VHR works with engineers from all over the world, and seeing where the industry will go next at events like this helps us to keep our candidates advised about new developments.


Autosport at VHR and Beyond

VHR has been working in autosport recruitment for years, building a dedicated F1 team to provide high-level technical engineers for the pinnacle of motorsport.

A fantastic networking opportunity for both VHR employees and anyone who’s interested in the finer points of car mechanics, Autosport International is where the best of the best show off the new cutting edge of auto technology. Over 250 companies will be there to show off their latest designs, making it a must-see.



Beyond that, two of Formula One’s biggest names will be at the event: Maclaren’s Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz. Formula One has big changes coming up in the next few seasons, with fuel, engine sizes, and fan engagement being key areas to innovate. Autosport International is the place to be to learn what’s coming up, and where the sport may be going in the future.


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