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Recruitment International Magazine features VHR

  • by: Jennifer Robinson
  • On: 8, Feb 2018
1 min read

VHR are delighted to be featured in this month’s Recruitment International magazine, where we share our expertise on recruitment marketing in 2018.

Recruitment International

February’s Recruitment International magazine features VHR’s Operations Director, Paul Robinson, on marketing trends in the recruitment industry and the challenges and opportunities that recruitment companies will face in the coming year.
Paul discusses the potential opportunities for recruitment marketing teams in 2018, and how marketers can access and utilise these to best support the recruitment industry.
‘The real opportunities for marketing in 2018 lie in collaboration with business development teams,’ reveals Paul. ‘The uncertain political climates of Brexit and Trump, combined with the current behavioural trend of instant gratification will force marketers to move away from traditional recruitment marketing methods and think outside the box.’
‘Rapidly advancing job board technology is a recognisable threat to the high costs of recruitment services, but ultimately job boards cannot compete with human interaction and tailored recruitment experiences. By working together and pooling short-term and long-term ways of thinking, business development and marketing teams will generate original campaigns to build new and long-lasting client and candidate relationships.’

Read Paul’s full interview here.

Recruitment International

The Recruitment International magazine for February 2018 also covers:
  • How the Role of the Recruitment Marketing Team Has Changed in Recent Years
  • The Biggest Challenges Facing Recruitment Marketing Teams in 2018
  • The Opportunities that Technology Will Provide for Recruitment Marketing in 2018

Read the full Recruitment International February issue here.

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